Brands marketers have revolutionized the strategies of promoting their products and services.  And deploy more efficient ways to get the best return on investment.

About 71{096b2e998501de63987487f5b284e40da46bccd5dc56eb9142e664f1872c8bd5} of marketers deploy the influencer strategy to get more traffic and consumer attention than other sources, and they aren’t just paying attention to traditional marketing methods like TV ads and print magazines. Now, it’s all about the internet… and specifically, social media.

But we first need to ask a few questions about why this is so…

  • Why do big brands love fashion influencers on Instagram?
  • Are these types of collaboration profitable?
  • Do marketing with fashion influencers an optimized strategy?
  • Or is it just trendy to jump into action without any attractive results?

No matter why or how you answered the questions above, it’s all about learning how to get the most out of your content creation and social media marketing efforts. To help in this process, we are going to help you in  finding answers to these questions and many more regarding fashion influencers on Instagram, through the article content below.

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Why All Big Brands love fashion influencers on Instagram

If you are an influencer or just an everyday user on Instagram, you likely have a good understanding on what type of content might be sponsored, and which are. To best understand why big name brands are spending big bucks on influencer marketing, be sure to read through these key notes and industry standards.

For boosting the brand’s credibility

Big brands need to get closer interaction with their consumers. If a brand has an authorized voice with a massive influence throughout their followers, they will humanize their brand.

And fashion influencers on Instagram have that power that a marketer needs. Therefore, big brands collaborate with the top fashion influencers and effectively promote their brand.

Optimized strategy to advertise

It’s not the time when marketers make the slogans and promote them through many platforms and invest a high amount of earnings in the advertisement process.

With time, the advertisement process has revolutionized. Now marketers don’t spend their precious time and money to advertise their brand.

But all they do is collaborate with a top fashion influencer and advertise their services to a new and dedicated audience.

Therefore, now big brands choose top fashion influencers to ensure that their product reaches a large and new audience.

Brand awareness

Put a face to a brand is the best strategy for increasing brand awareness. If that beauty has a large fan following that nothing will be more worth it than it.

Therefore, big brands opt for the top fashion influencers to create brand awareness. Those influencers describe every single aspect of your product to the targeted audience. And able to grab more attention to your brand.

Moreover, collaborating with top influencers ensures that a favorable image represents their brand to boost their marketing.

For building trustworthy relations with consumers

Once a brand has recognized and ranked in the marketing, building trustworthy relationships with the target audience is one of the most crucial reasons to work with top fashion influencers.

When a top beauty influencer sponsors your product and services, the audience relies more on your brand. And the brands can build strong relations with their consumers. 

Here, we tell how top influencers are marketing big brands and why brands crave to collaborate with them.

Top three goals of influencer marketing for big brands

Percentage of outcomes

Brand awareness


Interacting with a new audience


Generating sales and conversions


What kind of brands deploy fashion influencer marketing strategy?

Nowadays, almost any brand from any sector can deploy an influencer marketing strategy. And once they do, they can immediately start seeing results once those social updates start going live.

But some brands are more likely to work with the top fashion influencers for the following reasons.

  • Clothing brand
  • Cosmetic brands
  • Shoe brand
  • Other Accessories brands

Such brands promote their ladies’ products and promote all the men, sometimes even the kid’s products. A perfect example of this can be seen with Qatch, as they’ve built a large social media audience that is heavily focused on everything relating to fashion and style.

Influencers are also categorized based on their average reach and followers. That means that brands choose from big influencers to micro-influencers to promote their services.

Why Instagram is the best platform to find out top influencers for brands

Instagram is one of the best social platforms to discover top fashion influencers. According to Influencer Marketing Hub, 67{096b2e998501de63987487f5b284e40da46bccd5dc56eb9142e664f1872c8bd5} of brands choose Instagram to reach out to the right one.

It is the network of choice for influencers marketing campaigns. Big brands rely on Instagram because it was attracting more followers toward itself. And that brands can reach out to huge traffic.

How do big brands create a fashion influencers marketing strategy?

Here is how big brands collaborate with the top fashion influencers and get higher outcomes.

  1. Firstly, brands Identify their goal
  2. Determine their campaign audience
  3. Big brands set the budget and select their influencer type
  4. They develop their campaign messaging for fashion influencers
  5. Then they finalize their campaign expectations with the influencers
  6. At last, they reward their influencers and then measure their actual results.

When It Comes to Fashion and Influence… it’s all about Instagram!

Nowadays, pretty sure every brand uses influencer marketing strategy for branding their products and services in one way or another. No doubt, it’s an efficient way to reach out to large audiences.

And lastly, fashion influencers alter the whole branding game by subtly interacting with the targeted audience. Therefore, big brands love fashion influencers on Instagram to get a higher return on investment (ROI).

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Published August 1st, 2021