Wedding bells are ringing, and industry professionals said they can’t keep up. Brides across Green Country came out for The Tulsa Wedding Show today for some one-stop shopping.

Organizers said weddings are back and vendors are ready to meet the high demand.

“I’m with mom, I’m with granny and I’m with mother of the groom,” said Tori Johnson.

Tori Johnson got engaged in July and said the little girl in her is giddy as all get-out.

“Probably about 6 months before he proposed I was getting ready. I had notes in my phone. Was writing down venues, caterers, cake bakers, photographers,” said Johnson.

Johnson went to The Tulsa Wedding Show today with more than 90 vendors at her disposal.

“I was like please yes. Let’s plan our day in a day and be done,” said Johnson.

Vicki Taylor and her husband started the show and said she’s thrilled that 28 years later it’s still going strong.

“They can come and taste cakes and catering and smell the flowers and hear all the music,” said Taylor, Producer of The Tulsa Wedding Show

Taylor said the pandemic really took its toll on these small businesses, but now there are tons of weddings on the backlog.

“I know a lot of the venues are backed up and they’re into 2023 booking weddings,” said Taylor.

Taylor said COVID-19 has influenced this year’s trends quite a bit.

“Everybody had to really downsize and that’s a trend that’s going to continue,” said Taylor.

She’s noticed many themes are influenced now by nature.

“Some dried flowers, people are incorporating. Outside because so many weddings had to be outside. Some of the greens. The bashes. Cranberry types of colors. A little bit more beachy on the dresses,” said Taylor.

Johnson is a prime example.

“I’m really into the pompous grass. The neutral colors. We’re getting married at kind of a barn style. It’s a little bit rustic,” said Johnson.

Johnson hopes we’re out of the woods with COVID-19 before the day she says, ‘I DO.’

“Hopefully, we can have a normal scenery for a normal wedding and just have the party that we want to have to celebrate that,” said Johnson.

The next show is set for January of next year.

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