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Of all the things I thought I would be running out to buy in 2021, a shopping cart was not one of them. While my little Italian grandma has been lugging one around on grocery runs for years, buying one for myself had honestly never crossed my mind—until they started blowing up on Instagram and being praised as the hella-convenient essential they truly are. Even Zara makes functional shopping carts now, so they’re basically fashion accessories at this point!

I guess I should have seen the shopping cart revolution coming, considering that I’ve done little except go on my weekly grocery runs over the last 12 months. And it makes total sense that Zara, my go-to store for all things cute and trendy, would be the retailer to give this very necessary chore a refreshing new twist! Unlike my grandma’s nylon option (affectionately called her nonna cart) Zara’s shopping carts come in three chic neutral colors—black, light gray and army green—and retail for just under $90. It’s time to lean into grannycore, people! Grandmas aren’t the only ones with a ton of grocery bags to lug back and forth!

If you live in a city where you’re constantly making huge Trader Joe’s runs and then taking multiple trips to carry your purchases up to your apartment, you absolutely need a granny cart of your own. So, why not get a chic one? Yes, Zara’s are a little expensive, but before you tell me that they’re too pricey, consider this: you can now hit the grocery store, the farmer’s market and grab a latte all in the same trip without having your arms be in severe pain by the end of the day. Isn’t that priceless?

I love reusable bags as much as the next girl, but shoulder aches are not on my list of top-five favorite experiences, so loading up my cart full of stuff instead of lugging reusable bags (or, shudder, paying for paper bags every time I shop) feels like a no-brainer to me.

If you’re ready to live the granny cart lifestyle, read on to shop Zara’s offering below.

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Courtesy of Zara.

Quilted Shopping Cart in Black

Say hello to the ultimate shopping companion: an ultra-cool black shopping cart. It’s just like your favorite little black dress or little black bag—only it works for so many more practical occasions. We love a monochrome errands run!

STYLECASTER | Zara Shopping Carts

Courtesy of Zara.

Quilted Shopping Cart in Duck Green

When I said that green was the only color I’d be wearing this year, I freakin’ meant it! Case in point: the fact that I prefer this moss-colored shopping cart over its black and gray counterparts. Excuse me while I add it to my online cart and then use it as my real-life cart!

STYLECASTER | Zara Shopping Carts

Courtesy of Zara.

Quilted Shopping Cart in Gray

I get it—it’s springtime and you want to lighten up your wardrobe a little, right? This light gray shopping cart should be at the top of your shopping list (right under the milk, eggs and butter, of course!). You’ll be the cutest person in the dairy aisle.

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