Let’s face it: at this point, you and your trusty sweatsuit have never been closer. If nothing else, our unofficial pandemic uniform has made one thing abundantly clear — accessories have the power to take your outfit from 0 to 100 in a flash. While the “minimal effort” section of your wardrobe has surely garnered the most wear over the past several months, chic yet practical accessories are hands down what has allowed pandemic fashion to actually feel like Fashion with a capital F.

As for which winter accessories you should be looking to buy specifically, look no further than the zodiac. Sure, designers, celebrities, and influencers are credible sources for the next biggest trend, but when considering the accessory that feels the most personal to you, what better place to start than the stars? The basic rules of astrology are such that the sun’s movement across various astrological stars (and specifically its placement at the time of your birth) directly influences your personality and behavior, both of which influence your style.

With that in mind, we consulted astrologers Jennifer Fukushima and Chelsea Hunter of the personalized horoscope app Sanctuary, who both suggested that shopping based on your zodiac sign may be the key to unlocking those fashion finds you’ll never want to part with again. Whether you’re a hard-at-work Capricorn or a deeply mysterious Scorpio, here are the winter accessories that deserve an immediate spot in your wardrobe rotation.