Why the footwear is trending and how to style them

Zoë Hennessey, a Los Angeles-based fashion stylistThere’s definitely a comfort factor. Just in general, if

Zoë Hennessey, a Los Angeles-based fashion stylist
There’s definitely a comfort factor. Just in general, if you look at fashion, it’s constantly going a little bit more casual and a little bit more comfortable… Once the pandemic hit, I think we really just jumped into comfort zone.

“Comfort has been key in bringing support to the drastic lifestyle changes that consumers experienced,” she notes. “They want to wear something that feels good and can be worn with multiple looks.”

Another factor is Gen Z taking interest in the brand.

“The youths have informed me Crocs are back in but only with socks, you are welcome for the intel,” writes @KatyMiller100.

As @samcubarman explains it, the Crocs comeback perhaps illustrates Gen Z’s approach to life: “They accept no status quo. They have no interest in compromise. They will rewrite everything.”

Luke Combs’ Crocs an instant sell-out


Hennessey says it’s common that younger people start off fashion trends. For example, straight leg jeans are now trendy thanks to Gen Z declaring Millennial-favorite skinny jeans are out of style.

While Hennessey sees Gen Z propelling the trend in a fashion-forward sense, she adds older generations may love the shoe for its functionality. The buyer-friendly price point (with a classic clog running about $50) also appeals to consumers.