One dad shared what he plans to gift his 2-year-old son on his 18th birthday, and get ready for your heart to melt.

Ben Garcia (@bengarseeya) is an entrepreneur and father of one who shared an amazing gift idea that quickly went viral. Parents will definitely want to take note!

Garcia explained that even though his son just turned 2, he’s already got plans for his 18th birthday. For his son’s second birthday, Garcia asked for contributions to a college fund in lieu of toys.

“The reason I did this is because he has a ton of toys anyway, and they’re just going to get recycled or thrown away at some point,” he said. “And I did the math and with the compound interest account that we have for him, he’s going to have $30,000 by the time he turns 18 to help him get his life started.”

Giving your child the gift of investment may not be instantly gratifying, but its value lasts a lifetime. For instance, many parents are turning to 529 accounts — a tax-advantaged savings plan that helps pay for future education costs — instead of gifts as a way to get friends and family to help out with college funds

Taking gifts to a new level

A financial cushion for your child’s future is already a great gift in and of itself, but Garcia didn’t stop there. He balanced out a practical gift with a sentimental one. 

“But one of my favorite gifts that I’m going to give him when he turns 18 is an email [account] that I’ve been sending emails to and videos to since he was born, and even before he was born that he’s going to be able to have when he’s 18,” the TikTok dad explained. “I’m going to give him the email and password, and he’s going to get to see all the messages from myself to him from the time he was not even born until he turned 18.”

Garcia suggested that other parents try this gift idea as well: “I promise they’re going to absolutely love it when they turn 18.”

Ah yes, the gift of memories! Tons of parents loved the idea and expressed their support in the comments.

“This is the most amazing thing I have ever seen!” wrote one enthusiastic commenter.

“I love the email idea! Starting now!” another wrote.

“Why am I crying watching this video. I save so many photos and ‘notes’ filled w/ msgs but an email is much better for them to have it all in [one] place,” wrote a particularly touched parent. 

But the comment on most viewers’ minds was this: “Tag me when he turns 18, I wanna see his reaction.”

That’s going to be one heck of a reaction video!

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