As we get ready for the festival of colours – Holi, shopping for the right outfit is necessary. If you are confused on what to wear for Holi, we are here for you with all the tips and tricks that you need while you are out for your Holi shopping. Most of the time, we always focus on how we can make our outfit fun. But Holi is an occasion where you have to choose the right type of clothes, shoes and even accessories so that you don’t end up with a malfunction or face discomfort. Of course, all of us would like to get all drenched with colours and still look fabulous in that outfit. Hence, to make your Holi shopping easy, we bring you all the dos and don’ts that you can follow in order to enjoy a safe Holi and wear an outfit that will keep you comfortable and stylish.

Get Your Holi Look Sorted With These Fashion Essentials

Follow these easy tips on what to wear and enjoy a safe Holi.

1. The Right Fabric

Selecting the right fabric is as important as the look of the whole outfit. Synthetic fabrics have the potential to make you uncomfortable throughout the event while cotton outfits will help you breeze through the celebrations.

What to wear: Fabrics like cotton are recommended. It will keep you cool even if the temperature increases. If you are going to play with water, go for nylon as it doesn’t retain water and won’t stick to your body part.

What not to wear: Fabrics that cling to your body or are see-through are definitely not recommended for Holi. Avoid wearing something that might cause rashes to your skin.

2. Jazz Up Your Bottom Wear

Although Holi is a traditional occasion, you can always jazz it up a little with amazing Western wear. The key is to choose an outfit that is comfortable and simple; it has to be trendy too at the same time.

What to wear: Something as simple as denim jeans along with a plain tank top or a loose tunic can become your perfect outfit for a Holi party. Do not overdo anything; keep it as simple as possible.

What not to wear: Do not go for a party dress this Holi which has too much bling or is dark in colour. Go for bright colours and shine like the sun.

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3. Shoes To Strut Around

Choosing footwear for Holi can be very tricky as most of the time, you will be having fun running around hence you have to choose something that can put up with that kind of activity and does not cause discomfort the second you start dancing.

What to wear: The best option here is to wear flip-flops, be it solids or colourful prints. They are very comfortable to walk in and will go with any outfit you wear.

What not to wear: Any blingy shoes or a pair of heels is a big no! You do not want to end up spraining your ankle and miss out on all the Holi fun.

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4. Have Fun With Jewellery

You can always notch up the vibe of any outfit with jewellery. This is why you should not back off when it comes to accessories when you are putting so much effort into your Holi outfit.

What to wear: When you wear a colourful outfit then your accessories should be simple and plain so that it does not look like you have overdone it. Wear a huge pair of hoop earrings with a plain white dress.

What not to wear: Do not accessorise too much. It should not be like you are managing your accessories while everyone else is playing Holi.

5. Accessorise Correctly

Your Holi outfits are never complete without the correct accessories. These accessories are not just for style, they even protect you from harmful colours and chemicals.

What to wear: You can add extra glamour by wearing sunglasses and bandanas. If you wear contact lenses, bring eye drops with you in case the chemical colour gets into your eyes.

What not to wear: In order to jazz up your look, do not go for unnecessary stoles and scarfs or multi-layered jewellery that will only cause irritation.

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