They’re taking a shortcut.

As the weather is turning warm, men are embracing extra short shorts — and Twitter is loving it.

Last week, “This Is Us” actor Milo Ventimiglia made waves when he flashed his gams while leaving the gym in teeny-weeny pants. His thunder thighs grabbed everyone’s attention — and left fans wanting more.

“no thoughts just milo ventimiglia in his short shorts,” tweeted @gabbyscordo.

The hemlines of men’s shorts have been creeping up for a while now, but the style went viral last summer thanks to TikTok. Partners around the country were delighting as their fellas ditched longer, baggier fits for more fitted flares — and it seems the trend is going on strong for this season.

Workout fanatics are particularly fond of the style, Desmond Brooks, co-owner of the Tribeca tailor atelier ShopBoy, told The Post at the time. “[They] want shorts that hit right above the quad muscles, so they can see the results of them working out,” he said.

Evidently, so do onlookers.

“Hoping for a summer of men in short shorts,” posted @alienslime last week.

“can’t wait to shamelessly objectify men with thick thighs this summer. u better be wearing short shorts. i just love a thick’ums,” said @BeeBabs.


“All men should wear short shorts I will die on this hill,” tweeted @andreabutler_.

“men who wear shorts with a 5 inch inseam… hey lol,” said @redbullblue.

“The men are about to be in their WNBA jerseys, thigh shorts and gold/white gold chains. I ———,” shared @AstasiaWill.

And while many have a “sun’s out, bum’s out” attitude when it comes to inseams, others are warning that there is such a thing as too short.

“I can’t believe I’m saying this and yet here we are…. Men…. please wear shorts longer than your balls,” warned @gymlifeanimal.