Practical fashion doesn’t mean ugly. In today’s GiftRap blog, the GDA editors share their stylish picks for casual living, from brass rings to computer readers.

Anne-Marie Earl’s Pick: Boho Jewelry

Last summer, Art & Soul, my favorite gift store for jewelry, closed. They carried my absolute favorite fashion jewelry brand, Baizaar Jewelry. Thankfully, I’ve found another gift shop that carries them in my area, but at the time, I panicked and bought whatever Baizaar they had left. You can spot the style from a mile away: handmade with brass or silver and colorful stones – a very Boho and eclectic look. This ring I picked up during Art & Soul’s liquidation has a bright turquoise stone surrounded by warm brass, which looks great with a nice summer tan.

What I love maybe more than their distinct style is that the company practices ethical sourcing and supports Fair Trade practices, empowering artisans in Nepal, Thailand, Bali, India and Turkey.

Alex Herring’s Pick: Vegan Leather Watchband

I’ve been a fan of KEVA Style ever since I wrote about the brand for our March/April 2020 issue. Their lightweight leather pieces have a beautiful boho look that complements my personal style, so when I heard about KEVA’s Cactus collection made from sustainable vegan leather, I was keen to give it a try. As a heavy Apple Watch user, the new Cactus watchband was especially appealing to me. I enjoy how comfortable the soft leather feels around my wrist and the neutral olive green color works nicely with wide variety of outfits. Although I’ve accumulated quite the selection of Apple watchbands over the years, the KEVA band is quickly becoming a top pick for my everyday wear.

Lenise Willis’ Pick: Stylish Computer Readers

Now that I’m a fulltime remote employee, my idea of a “work fashion statement” has taken on a whole new meaning. Since I spend pretty much my entire workday staring at the computer screen, I was in dire need of some computer readers that help filter the blue light emitting from my screen. I’m so thankful to now have a fashionable pair of computer readers from I Heart Eyewear.

My Joey Computer Readers not only filter 60 percent of blue light to reduce eye strain, migraines and dry eyes, but they also have a stylish design. The frames are solid on the top half with a decorative light-blue, gray-like tortoise design on the bottom. I love how cute they look, and I like how much they’ve helped me even more. (Side note: I also have some of I Heart Eyewear’s Anti-Fog Gel for my everyday glasses and it has been a life saver! Now I can finally wear my glasses with my mandatory mask without fogging everything up! I highly recommend it.)