Cozy clothing has always been a go-to gift for indulging mom in some R&R, but with pandemic fashion shifting to homebound styles over the past year, loungewear offerings are better than ever. To maintain a competitive edge amidst a booming market, brands are elevating their comfy offerings with softer fabrics, sleek cuts, monochromatic hues and cute embellishments. If there was ever a time to give the gift of sweatpants, this is it.

The loungewear upgrade, combined with an increased emphasis on practicality and size inclusivity, means there is now a style and fit for every mom. Whether the past year at home looked like juggling multiple roles or being isolated from loved ones, these loungewear pieces are sure to add some comfort to mom’s routine. Better yet, these styles balance function with fashion, so they can easily be worn out if mom wants to enter the post-pandemic world looking fresh.