What makes Mother’s Day so special is that it’s a chance to mother the mothers! Why not plan a surprise for your mom like perhaps she planned for you while you were growing up? When you’re planning ways to spoil your mom on this special day, consider giving her one of these vibrant, vegan makeup storage solutions. They’re available in many different sizes and colors. See which one would be the best fit for your mom’s style.

The Monroe bag is a vegan makeup bag from Noize, an innovative company that prides itself on being PETA-approved and always cruelty-free. Its fun look is reminiscent of a puffer coat, and it is roomy for lots of vegan makeup and toiletries. It’s also sturdy, so it travels well within a suitcase. The stylish bag is available in dusty pink, silver, and black. Shop Now: $26 from Noize at the time of publication

“Never be so kind, you forget to be clever. Never be so clever, you forget to be kind.” Those are some of the powerful lyrics from Taylor Swift’s very touching song “Marjorie” from her album Evermore. Swift wrote it in memory of her maternal grandmother Marjorie Finlay. This makeup bag is from a special Mother’s Day collection. It is a beautiful golden color, and the lyrics on the bag are a lovely reminder of the kindness that’s so needed in the world today. Shop Now: $35 from TaylorSwift.com

This train case from Caboodles will delight any travel-loving mom. With four trays that automatically open and a spacious space inside the case, there will be room for all of her makeup and skincare products. She can also feel that her valuable products are secure with its locking latch that comes with keys. In addition to beautiful fuchsia, the train case is available in black. Shop Now: $39.99 from Caboodles

What mom wouldn’t feel a burst of pride and gratitude upon receiving this gift? Your mom surely would smile when seeing that it literally spells out how you feel about her! This makeup bag states “Supermom” across the front with the image of a pink heart underneath it. It’s so cute that your mom may also want to carry it as a clutch. Shop Now: $24 from LA|TC

The Free to Soar makeup bag from The Tote Project is inspiration. It has the imagery of birds soaring free in a lovely pattern on the front of the bag with the words “Free To Soar” also imprinted on it. Created from 100-percent organic cotton, this roomy bag is lined with recycled sari. It was created in a fair trade certified factory. Shop Now: $20.75 from The Tote Project

Nite Ize prides itself in making inventor-driven products to help people innovate how they live their lives. With its RunOff waterproof toiletry bag, it offers adventurous moms a great way to keep their important makeup and accessories safe from water and dust when they are on the go. It’s suitable for placing in a backpack for outdoor adventures and fitting in a suitcase for leisure or business travel. It’s also easy to stay organized with the bag once you’re at your destination because it hangs from a hook or sits securely on a counter. It is spacious enough to carry full-sized toiletry items for road trips, too. Shop Now: $39.99 from Nite Ize

You can always rely on Caboodles to have stunning aesthetics and gorgeous color options. This makeup carrier is no exception. It has a makeup mirror, a trap that automatically opens, and a snap-tight lid so you can securely store your makeup and toiletries. Available in fun colors like pink, turquoise, citron, and hot pink, it’s also big enough to double as a pencil holder or miscellaneous storage bin during travels. Shop Now: $9.99 from Caboodles

This large vegan pouch from Herbivore would be a great place for storing makeup while traveling. It’s an especially good fit for a mom who travels a lot for business or who simply enjoys a chic, professional look for her bags and luggage. Made in collaborate with Klum House, this attractive bag is made of vegan-certified Italian microfiber. It can also double as a travel kit or other storage bag during travels. Shop Now: $42 from Herbivore

This makeup bag is extremely eye-catching and colorful. It would be a great Mother’s Day gift for a mom who loves to surround herself by special things even when she’s on the road. The vibrantly colored bag travels well, and it was sustainably made by artisans in India with jute and chindi fibers. Matr Boomie, a fair trade collection, partnered with GlobeIn for the creation of this vegan makeup bag. Shop Now: $45 from GlobeIn

Sometimes one make-up bag won’t cut it when you have a lot of products and want to stay organized. If your mom likes to keep things neat and orderly, she will adore this 10-piece make-up bag set from Caboodles. There’s a large outer bag that will fit full-size cosmetics and toiletries. A lovely rose gold, soft-sided train case is spacious. There’s also a pencil bag that could fit mascaras and perhaps even makeup brushes. The set contains a clear pouch for makeup, a sleeping mask, three collapsible travel bottles, and a bath pouf. Shop Now: $22.49 at Caboodles at time of publication