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Fathers are generally quite easy to buy for. Thanks to the clichéd nature of the mid-life crisis, they will suddenly become obsessed with lots of new hobbies, opening up a plethora of present opportunities. There’s cycling, fancy and/or old cars, photography, sailing, tennis and even (for my dad anyway) space expedition… but that’s quite hard to buy for (sorry Dad).

Perhaps your old man isn’t into anything new, weird or fancy. Well, the mans’gotta dress. So dress him well. One of the safest ways to buy fashion for your father is to just elevate their basics game. White t-shirts, navy knitwear and a good old trusty Oxford shirt are all staples we need in our wardrobes, irrelevant of age.

If all else fails, you have technology to fall back on. A fancy watch to track their (low) levels of fitness or even a tiny iPad fixed to the kitchen wall to monitor their electricity usage. They love it.

So if you’re struggling then you’re not concentrating, but if you can’t be bothered to concentrate then we’ve made a handy list for you instead. Problem solved, you lazy child!

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Post Shave Balm


Name a more iconic combination than a dad and his Nivea for Men post-shave balm. There isn’t one. But as trusty as that product is, there are others. I got this one for my dad and he became understandably obsessed with it, and let me tell you: he doesn’t like change.

Aesop Moroccan Neroli Post Shaving Lotion, 60ml, £37,


Cycling Shorts


If he does like cycling, my guess is he either has all the gear available on Wiggle, or he has been using the same shorts since he learnt to ride his bike. Either way, introduce him to some of the new cycling brands emerging as the sport becomes more popular than ever. Cafe du Cycliste is a good place to start.

Cafe du Cycliste Augustine Mesh-Panelled Jersey Cycling Bib Shorts, £200,


A Techy Water Bottle


A self-cleaning, self-filtering water bottle, need I say anymore? It’s something you never realise you need, until you have one and then you can’t imagine life without it.

Larq Purifying Water Bottle, 500ml, £95,


The Everywhere Bag


If he is at all adventurous or likes to travel, he needs a bag for any situation. The black hole bag series from Patagonia is near on indestructible. They are a great size, waterproof, look cool and can just be chucked in the back of the car for any weekend getaways he might have planned.

Black Hole Packable Logo-Print Coated-Ripstop Holdall, £110,


For the Summer


I am not a massive fan of polo shirts, especially when they are pink or lime green with a big angry rigid collar perched up at the back. Yuck. However, a slouchy yet stylish, buttonless navy number in a soft cotton and modal-blend is much, much better.

NN07 Cotton and Modal-Blend Piqué Polo Shirt, £60,


A New Pair of Jeans


Outerknown was founded by the best looking dad around, Kelly Slater. Driven by his passion for climate change and sustainability in fashion. The pieces from Outerknown both look good and are ‘good’; these jeans in particular are made from organic cotton and washed in Fair Trade Certified™ facility.

Outerknown Ambassador Slim-Fit Organic Denim Jeans, £115,


Updating Old T-Shirts


Japanese brands are very on-brand with dads because they are quite often subtle in design (wearable) but tech-y in construction.

Blue Blue Japan Printed Cotton-Jersey T-Shirt, £60,


Finally, a New Flask


I am yet to meet a dad that doesn’t like a good old cup of tea. Well, if he’s out and about and the craving hits, he can get that fix on-the-go with this sleek looking flask from Japanese outdoors brand Snow Peak.

Kanpai Stainless Steel Bottle, £90,


For the New Home Office


The sooner men realise candles are incredible the better. Like most, we are confined now to the spare room (now the office) or the kitchen table (now also an office). Getting the old family work-horse a nice smelling candle will help to elevate his WFH space.

DS & Durga Tomb of the Eagles Scented Candle, 200g, £60,


For The Wrist


As incredible as they are, Garmins don’t work for every occasion. Great for tracking your triathlon training, but not for date night. That calls for the perfectly executed minimalist design style of the Junghans Max Bill Automatic 38mm Stainless Steel and Leather Watch.

Junghans Max Bill Watch, £850,


Something Other Than Flip-Flops


Luckily for dads, boat shoes are back in the style limelight (for good reason) thanks to brands like Aimé Leon Dore, Noah NYC and Rowing Blazers being inspired by the style of preppy college kids of the 90/00s. So offer him up these smart Sperry boat shoes to replace those old battered flip flops from your trip to France circa 2004.

Sperry Original Burnished-Leather Boat Shoes, £85,


For Gardening


No dad, a splash of water on the face in the morning does not count as a grooming routine. Battle those stray hairs and unruly nails, and keep things in order, with this nice kit. And while you’re at it…

Czech and Speake Leather-Bound Manicure Set, £390,


For the Lockdown Beard


If, like mine, your dad has also decided to rock the beard after shaving daily for almost 30+ years, then he is probably quite unknowing to the library of beard products available. To avoid a case of GPA (grooming product anxiety), usher him in the right direction with Tom Ford’s conditioning beard oil with the musky scent of black tobacco vanille.

Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille Conditioning Beard Oil, 30ml, £44,


The Perfect Pair of Shorts


Not much to say here, other than Mr Marvis have possibly designed the perfect pair of shorts. Comfy, stylish and hardwearing, perfect for a dad’s summer get away.

Mr Marvis The Defenders Shorts, £79,


For Future Travels


This thing is genius. I got one a while back and my dad keeps trying to borrow (steal) it. This Horizn Studios’ ‘M5’ carry-on suitcase is fitted with a smart dock so he can keep his phone and tablet powered up on-the-go. It also has smart strapping to hold everything in on one side and a meshed compartment on the other.

Horizn Studios M5 Carry-On Suitcase, £330,

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