Buying gifts for specific people, like an uncle, is arguably the most fun and the most complicated part of holiday shopping. You want to get him something they love but not something he already has. You want it to show that you know him and you see him without going over the top. The key is all in the preparation. Pay attention to what he does and what he buys himself—is he a big reader or whiskey lover? Maybe he enjoys a good game of golf. But of course, it also goes into what your relationship is like with him.

Gifting something special for the uncle in your life deserves all that preparation. Is he the uncle who loves sports and takes the kids to baseball games or the one that starts a big and complex puzzle in the living room? Are his nieces and nephews infants or do they follow the TikTok trends as most teen boys and teen girls do? What does he like to do when people come to visit?

Whether this is for your own uncle, your brother who’s recently taken on the role of an uncle, or an “uncle” who may not be related by blood but is known to all of the kids as uncle, there is a plethora of gift options out there for this holiday season. We’re talking games for kids, cocktail trays for the adults, and everything in between. Without a doubt, these gifts are right in line with every type of holiday spirit—and the uncle you’re shopping for is sure to love these.

Rowing Blazers Babar Embroidered Hat

If you’re looking for some cool uncle gifts, Rowing Blazers’ collection of fun hats is unparalleled. They’re bright, whimsical, and perfect for the cool uncle with good style. 

IfTheSockFitz Custom Uncle Socks

A custom gift from his niece or nephew is always a classic option (and a thoughtful gift idea). These embroidered socks are sweet and useful. Keep the graphic as “Best Uncle Ever” or you can personalize it with a name. 

GretaOtoDesign Docking Station

Another winner in personalized uncle gifts: a docking station. The dock takes up barely any room but organizes efficiently. Perfect for the uncle who is always asking where his keys are. 

Leatherology Deluxe Folio

Uncles gotta get work done, too—especially for those coaching a sport or working from home while the kids are around. A professional folio with pockets for storing and paper for writing is super useful and elevates any home office. 

Tumi Alpha 3 Hanging Travel Kit

Tumi’s travel kit is one of the best gifts to give and receive. This one keeps all your stuff in one place while you’re home, and you easily toss it into your carry-on bag for those moments on the go. 

Yangbaga Wooden Coasters

We would say that kids are messy…but adults are, too. They can be messy somewhere else, not including your ring-free coffee table. A cool set of coasters will keep it that way. 

Brita Water Filter Bottle

There’s something about gifting an uncle that calls for things that are useful. Bonus points if it’s easy to bring on the go. Brita’s water bottle is not only the best bottle around, but it also has the brand’s signature filtration in the straw so he’ll always have clean-tasting water. 

Lululemon ABC Pant Slim 32″ Warpstreme

Lululemon’s ABC pants are a crowd favorite, and we love them specifically for any sort of non-workout activity that involves movement—you know, like chasing children around in the backyard.

Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Everyone can use a pair of Ray-Bans, and they’re an especially fun gift to give. Look for a pair with unexpected details—like this hexagonal frame or a cool color—to make the gift feel even more special. 

The Remarkable2

Sure, some guys seemingly have everything. But for the uncle who maybe works a lot, or is a writer-slash-artist type of guy (who could also use a solid tech gift), the Remarkable2—which is a paper tablet that digitizes your notes as you take them—is one of the most fun gifts you can get.

Adidas Ultraboost 21 Running Shoe


$115.50 (36% off)

Also good for running after kids: sneakers. Adidas’s Ultraboosts are the best sneaker for going to the park or going for a run. 

NC Ziixon Pilsner Craft Beer Glasses

Good gifts for uncles include things that entertain the parents while the adults in the room have adult drinks. A set of craft beer glasses makes hosting a whole lot easier. 


OK, so let’s say the uncle in your life is really into fitness but also prefers efficient workouts. The Mirror is a workout class, private training, and on-demand fitness all in one object. It’s a bit on the pricier side, but that only means you might get to use it when you go visit.

Giant Ring Toss

Outdoor games are fun to shop for and to play with later. This ring toss will be come a family favorite for all outdoor barbecues.  

Koio Retro Runner Cloud

Koio’s runners are comfortable enough to wear all day long, but they feel more elevated than a standard running shoe might. Wear these with jeans or those stretchy Lululemon pants. 

Luke Mattson Joshua Tree Art Print


If your uncle is more about the sentimental gifts, get him a print of his favorite place. This Joshua Tree art print is serene and perfect for putting on an empty wall at home. 

GreenWoodenArt Wood Picture Frame

Sentimental prints make an even better gift when you put them in cool frames. Look for ones that go with the vibe of his home, like a darker wood.

Timbuk2 Vapor Backpack

Timbuk2 backpacks are the Swiss army knife of bags—and every uncle needs one. It’ll fit his laptop, change of clothes, and any candy he’ll sneak to your children to help fuel a sugar high.

Dyson V7 Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner


$306.99 (23% off)

Remember when we said kids were messy and so were adults? Coasters help keep the table clean, but a stick vacuum helps everything else. It’s a gift and an apology for all the crumbs.

Brooklinen Waffle Bath Sheet Bundle

Considering you might at some point be the one using his guest bath, a cool set of waffle towels for his guest bathroom is a very good gift to get for him and his visitors (which, naturally, includes you). 

Timex + Todd Snyder MK1 Bootcamp 40MM

For a gift that feels special but not too much, we’ve long been favorites of the Timex + Todd Snyder watches. They’re under $150 but look so expensive. Plus, it’s also good for when he’s trying to stay off his screen. 

Public Rec Workday Pant

Public Rec Workday pants have become one of our go-to styles for “getting dressed” while working from home. They look like hard pants but they feel like soft ones. Good for sitting, standing, rolling, running, napping and anything else, really.

J.Crew Cashmere Crewneck Sweater

Cashmere sweaters are a great gift to give because they’re as easy to wear as his standard cotton one but way softer—and easy to dress up, should he need. 

Everlane The Track Pant

And for the exact opposite of dressing up, Everlane’s sweatpants are extremely comfy but don’t feel frumpy or ragged. 

DJI OM 4 Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer

For the uncle who wants to keep all those family memories alive and well, a handheld Gimbal will help those iPhone photos come out looking sharp. 

TRX Minimal Fit System

Your round of gifts for the fit uncle should definitely include a TRX system he can play with around his house, your house, or at the neighborhood park. 

Barebones All-in One Cast Iron Grill

Whether you’re shopping for an uncle who grills or one whose home is the barbecue spot, a baby cast iron grill is a fun gift the whole family can use.

Buck Mason Brushback Twill Trucker Jacket

Stylish uncles deserve stylish jackets, and this Buck Mason one is perfect. It has a streamlined fit and comes in an easy tan color that pairs easily with all other colors (and outfits). 

Fellow Stagg Tasting Glasses

For the uncle (and aunt) who might be watching your kids, gift a set of handblown Borosilicate glass mugs so he has a boost of caffeine—he’s gonna need it.  

Yeti Lowlands Blanket

Yeti’s blanket is, yes, a bit on the pricey side for a blanket. However, like all Yeti products, it’s built to take a beating from the great outdoors. It’s waterproof, durable, and padded for all outside activities—in other words, it’s the perfect addition to his growing collection of outdoor gear.

The Buffy Breeze

And for indoor blankets, Buffy’s Breeze comforter is one of our favorites. It’s super lightweight for hot sleepers everywhere. Also good for uncles who haven’t changed up their bedding in a minute.

Nike Blazer Mid ’77 Vintage Sneaker

We love high-top Nike Blazers and we’re betting anyone who identifies as an uncle will, too. They’re supportive and comfy but they also have matured feel to them. 

Diptyque Room Spray

Any uncle who hosts get-togethers at home could use something to make it feel homier. A room spray is a fun way to make a home feel special—and it’s probably something he wouldn’t buy himself. 

Byredo Burning Rose Candle

Alternatively, if there are no kids running around, a Byredo candle gives any room a light, pleasant smell. Also good for lighting after burning the popcorn on a movie night. 

Outdoor Voices Sunday Hoodie

Outdoor Voices’ Sunday hoodie is one of our favorite gifts to give. It has a crazy comfy fabric but isn’t bulky the way a heavyweight sweatshirt might be.  

The Arrivals 5.O Crew Neck

But alas, we also love a heavyweight sweatshirt. The Arrivals’ line of soft gear is super soft and makes for a good outfit. 

Veja V-10 Sneaker

White sneakers that are easy to slip on and off come in handy for weekends in and out of the house. These Vejas are made from recycled water bottles, so they’re good gifts for the eco-conscious uncle, too.

AllSaints Ramiel Key Chain

All of AllSaints’ accessories make for good gifts and many for under $100. And a cool key chain is just plain necessary. 

Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker

If you’re looking for a home gift fit for everyone in the family, (including aunts and of course, your uncles), try gifting them something they can use while the kids are around or not. An at-home ice cream maker is as fun for family movie nights as it is for date ones.

Murdock London Sea Salt Spray

For the uncle attached to his good head of hair, Murdock London’s sea salt spray is a perfect gift. It’s also good if you’re just looking to give him a little something. 

IntelliRoll FIRM Foam Roller

Being the fun uncle comes with a price, which probably involves back pain. The IntelliRoll was engineered to actually hit the pockets of muscle that need attention while avoiding bone.  

Legacy Cantinero Shot Glass Serving Set

The “Fun Uncle” status is all in the hosting game, and a cool serving set of shot glasses earns you some host cred. Fill with your beverage of choice.

Nespresso Vertuo Next Coffee and Espresso Machine

Actually, having multiple beverage options is what sets a good host apart from a great one. Don’t sleep on gifts from Amazon—like this very good Nespresso machine—for the perfect buy.

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