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While you’ve been dreaming of (and planning) your wedding day since you were little, chances are your mom has been, too. After all, it’s not every day she gets to see you walk down the aisle. To show her your appreciation for her love, support, and guidance over the years, give her one of these precious mementos to commemorate the occasion. 

Whether she’s your new mother-in-law or a precious maternal figure in your life, these thoughtful presents are a way to show her how much you care for all she’s done for you. From a cozy robe she can wear on the day of the main event to a personalized hand-drawn photo of the two of you on the special day, these 20 mother of the bride gifts are sure to help her feel as treasured as you feel on your wedding day.

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1. For the one who likes to stay organized: A mother of the bride bag 

Best Mother of The Bride Gifts: A personalized clutch

With the responsibility of the mother of the bride comes the expectation that she’ll attend all the festivities. Think events like wedding dress shopping, venue searching, the bridal shower, and more. To ensure she can bring along the essentials like her wallet, phone, and so forth, try gifting her this bag. 

Inside this ordinary-looking beige bag is a handwritten note from you imprinted on the inside (you provide it before the bag is made and it’s created with it in mind). Gift it to her before the wedding for an added special touch, and to show her how much you appreciate her on your wedding day. Warning: There will be tears.

Get the Mother of the Bride Bag from Etsy for $220

2. For the one who loves to be comfy: A set of super-soft pajamas

Best Mother of The Bride Gifts: A set of pajamas

After long days spent planning the wedding with you, you mom will likely be excited to curl up in bed in this comfy set by LONXU. More than 11,500 Amazon shoppers swear by this 4.6-star rated set, which features drawstring closure and is available in a range of shades.

For a fancier option, this cult-favorite Moonlight set from Nordstrom is fabulous, and has earned the approval of more than 1,000 reviewers, who say this menswear-inspired set is a treat for lounging and snoozing. 

3. For the one who loves bling: A piece of jewelry

Best Mother of The Bride Gifts: A piece of jewelry

If you’re shopping for a gift they’ll use past the wedding day, try gifting a timeless piece of jewelry. They can wear it on the wedding day, special occasions, or add it to their stack of everyday jewelry. 

For a fancier piece of jewelry, the LAGOS love knot bracelet will not only never go out of style, but will also remind her of your unbreakable bond each time she wears it. For an everyday option, you may want to consider this 4.6-star rated layered heart necklace (which close to 10,000 Amazon shoppers adore) or these 4.5-star rated twisted rope hoop earrings (which more than 2,000 Amazon customers like). Regardless of which you decide, both are sure to be greatly appreciated.

4. For the one who wants to snuggle: A cozy robe

Best Mother of The Bride Gifts: Parachute robe

If you’re stuck on what to gift the MOB, a good robe will do just the trick. Aside from providing a cozy oasis to snuggle up in, it can be used while she gets ready during wedding festivities and everyday post-wedding stuff, too.

Made of an ultra-soft Turkish cotton, more than 1,000 reviewers claim this 4.2-star rated one from Parachute is worth the hype—so it’s absolutely something she’ll adore. Plus, here at Reviewed our tester raved about how it feels like being wrapped in a warm hug.

Get the Classic Robe from Parachute for $99                                                                

5. For the one who’s a total foodie: A Baked by Melissa gift set 

Best Mother of The Bride Gifts: Baked by Melissa cupcakes

Food is a universal love language, so it makes sense that you would want to show mom you appreciate her with a set of cupcakes. Our editors love these teeny bite-sized treats, as they come in a variety of flavors—which are, by the way, all delicious—and can be shipped anywhere. I can confirm that these make a great gift, as I’ve sent them many, many times for a variety of occasions and they’re always a hit.

Get the Latest & Greatest Cupcakes from Baked by Melissa from $32    

6. For the one who’s sentimental: A heart photo collage 

Best Mother of The Bride Gifts: A Minted heart photo collage

To truly cherish the special moments spent between the two of you, gift her this heart collage from Minted. Since it can be customized, you can fill it with your favorite memories and choose a frame that’ll perfectly match where she lives. Every time she looks at it, she’ll be able to reminisce on all the memories. 

Get the Filter Heart Snapshot Mix Photo Art from Minted for $101                              

7. For the one who’s obsessed with good smells: An engraved candle 

Best Mother of The Bride Gifts: A mother​ of the bride candle

Although unintentional, chances are that planning your wedding is pretty stressful. While things are slowly coming together, it might feel that the to-do list never seems to end. Your mom will likely adore this engraved candle, which can feature a personalized message from you. Each time she lights it—potentially to destress after a day full of planning—she’ll be sure to remember how much you appreciate her help.

Get the Mother of the Bride/Groom Candle Gift from Etsy for $34.47 

8. For the one who wants to be pampered: A spa experience at home 

Best Mother of The Bride Gifts: A spa tin

Picture this: It’s the day after the wedding, sore joints and muscles are very prominent, and, possibly, a bad hangover, too. What better way to remedy it than by spending a spa day at home? That’s where this handcrafted spa kit comes in. It has a 4.4-star rating on the site and close to 100 positive reviews from shoppers who say it really does recreate a soothing spa experience, and its lavender scent helps when it’s time to relax and unwind. 

Get the Farm Fresh Spa Experience Tin from Uncommon Goods for $32

9. For the one who likes to play sous chef: A personalized cutting board

Best Mother of The Bride Gifts: A personalized recipe cutting board

If the mother of the bride is always making you a special secret family recipe, then a personalized recipe board is the gift for them. It’s not only useful as a cutting board, but it can also be displayed in her kitchen, too. 

To make one, just send in the recipe card with the original handwriting and it will be inscribed onto the board in the same handwriting of the person who wrote the original recipe. You’ll just have to be a bit sneaky about getting a copy of the card. This truly sentimental gift has a 4.8-star rating on Uncommon Goods, and is loved by more than 100 reviewers who say it adds a personalized touch to any kitchen. 

Get the Personalized Family Recipe Board from Uncommon Goods for $100

10. For the coffee lover: A mother of the bride mug

Best Mother of The Bride Gifts: A mother of the bride mug

Does the mother of the bride in your life always have to have her morning cup of coffee in hand? If yes, this mug is the perfect gift for her. Made with a cute inscription and floral design, it’s sure to become her favorite. According to more than 2,000 reviewers, giftees adored this cup—so it’s likely that yours will, too. 

Get the Mother Of The Bride Mug from Etsy from $15.99

11. For the one who relishes bath time: A luxurious bath set 

Best Mother of The Bride Gifts: A Molton Brown bath set

Looking for a way to help her unwind from all the wedding stress? A luxurious bath set is precisely what she needs. Aside from smelling delicious, these soaps are bound to help her feel pampered. You can use one as a shower gel or splash some in the bath for some truly luxurious bubbles.

Get the Molton Brown Floral & Citrus Three-Piece Gift Set from Saks Fifth Avenue for $80 

12. For the one who loves to treat her feet: A pair of soft slippers 

Best Mother of The Bride Gifts: UGG slippers

If the mother of the bride in your life loves to be comfy, a pair of fuzzy slippers are perfect for getting ready on the wedding day. Here at Reviewed, we dubbed these the best slippers as they’re stylish, comfortable to wear and contain the softest fur lining.

She can slip these 4.7-star rated slippers on while she’s getting her hair and makeup done and wear them every day post the wedding (close to 5,000 Amazon shoppers swear by them, too). 

Get the Ugg Scuffette II from Amazon from $84.95 

13. For the nature lover: A willow tree figure 

Best Mother of The Bride Gifts: A willow tree figure

Designed to celebrate the supportive relationship between women, this willow tree figure is the perfect sentimental gift for mothers of the bride. It can showcase your appreciation for your current relationship with your mom (and also makes for a great mother of the groom gift to show that you’re excited to get closer to her, if you aren’t already). 

The figure is handcrafted and can be displayed beautifully on a shelf, night table, or bookcase. It also a 4.9-star rating on Amazon and nearly 2,000 rave reviews from Amazon shoppers, who the pictures don’t do this heartwarming item justice.

Get the Willow Tree Chrysalis, Sculpted Hand-Painted Figure from Amazon for $45.50

14. For the beauty guru: A personalized compact mirror 

Best Mother of The Bride Gifts: A personalized mirror compact

This small, compact mirror is perfect for on-the-go touch-ups and lipstick application. Housed in a sleek, silver case, this sleek mirror can be personalized with the date of your wedding, your mother’s initials, or a special engraving, just for her. She’ll love having a keepsake that she can use during and after the wedding, and 100 Etsy shoppers consider this nearly 5-star rated beauty accessory a great little item to have on-hand. 

Get the Engraved Compact Mirror from Etsy for $31.95

15. For the one who’s all about meal prep: A Dutch oven 

Best Mother of The Bride Gifts: A Staub Dutch oven

From braising meat to creating the perfect casserole, the Staub Dutch oven is an essential for every kitchen and makes a great wedding gift. As your mother of the bride is always hosting you for holidays, meals, the latter, this will be especially appreciated by her as well, assuming she doesn’t have one already.

It’s our favorite Dutch oven (yes, it outranked the popular Le Creuset), and we love that its round size doesn’t take up too much burner space on the stovetop, it lasts forever and is easy to clean. It also doubles as the perfect serving dish for whatever is getting cooked inside—so it’s like getting two gifts in one. 

Get the Staub 5.5 Quart Dutch Oven from Amazon from $247.09

16. For the one who wants to make the most of her beauty sleep: A silk eye mask and pillowcase set 

Best Mother of The Bride Gifts: Slip Silk Eye Mask and Pillowcase set

After all of that planning (and dancing at the wedding), the only thing the MOB in your life will likely want to do is catch up on her beauty sleep. Make her as comfortable as possible with this luxurious silk eye mask and pillowcase set from Slip. The best part? While she sleeps, she could gain both skincare and hair benefits from the silk material it’s made from—think less frizz, breakage, and so forth. 

Get the White & Polka Dot Pillowcase & Sleep Mask Set from Nordstrom for $122 

17. For the perfume lover: A delicious smelling fragrance     

Best Mother of The Bride Gifts: A fancy perfume

There’s something extra special about gifting a delicious smelling fragrance. It’s not only something the MOB in your life is sure to use a lot, but will also look incredible displayed on her vanity table.

For a sweeter scent, Maison Margiela’s Bubble Bath is a tried and true favorite, and close to 300 Nordstrom shoppers give this 4.3-star rated pick lots of kudos. The downside is that it’s expensive, so for something in the middle price-wise, you may want to opt for the 4.6-star rated Yves Saint Laurent’s Libre perfume, which more than 100 Nordstrom customers like for its clean, crisp scent. For an even more budget-friendly selection, Bath and Body Works’ A Thousand Wishes fragrance will smell like a celebration, thanks to its​ notes of prosecco, peonies, and amaretto creme, and has close to 600 positive reviews and a 4.9-star rating on the site. 

18. For the art aficionados: A personalized drawing 

Best Mother of The Bride Gifts: A personalized wedding day drawing

Looking for something she’ll truly cherish? Gift her a custom art print of the two of you on your wedding day—it’ll not only show her you love her, but will also show your appreciation for her planning and the ways she was there with you on your special day. Warning: Get ready for the tears to flow, courtesy of this 5-star rated pick, which has 100 glowing reviews on Etsy.

Get the Personalized Mother of the Bride Gift from Daughter from Etsy from $79.95

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