O’NEILL — There’s nothing that prepares young people with the social and business skills for use in life like running a business.

That’s one of the goals that Brian and Nicole Sedlacek had for their daughters when they decided last fall to purchase and operate the Joy Boutique in downtown O’Neill.

Nicole Sedlacek said her daughters, Emma, 15, and Ally, 17, both have different fashion styles.

Ally said she would consider herself more “traditional.” Emma said she is more “alternative.”

As their mother, Nicole said she would agree with their assessments.

“Ally is more drawn to the classic, timeless pieces,” Nicole said. “Emma has almost a slight vintage, grunge look.”

Kylee Howard, who is a classmate of Ally at O’Neill High School, said her style is probably more undefined, although she does like flared out jeans and some Western styles.

“Usually I don’t wear dresses, but today I am,” Kylee said. “I don’t know why I decided to wear one today. I usually wear a lot of boot cut jeans and stuff like that.”

The girls said they enjoy talking about fashions at O’Neill High School, where just about all types are represented from Western to classic looks.

The boutique is similar to what the previous owners offered, including women’s clothing, some children’s clothing, accessories, perfumes and more.

“We’re ordering from some of the same vendors,” Nicole said. “Emma sometimes helps to pick out things and she likes that vintage, alternative grunge style, so we see some of those pieces. But we’re always looking for some of those timeless pieces that can stay in your closet for years to come.”

Nicole said one of the most amazing things has been how some of the fashions have returned. Flared jeans, for example, have come back and had to be reordered to keep them in stock.

“The high school girls really like those flares, and that has been fun to see,” she said. “Fashion really does a circle.”

With space limitations, it can be hard sometimes to have everything people might be looking for.

“That’s a pretty wide range of styles,” Nicole said. “We are trying to get more high school girls in here shopping and to help the ladies in the area. We have focused on pieces that can fit those occasions when you have to dress up.”

The girls usually work on weekends and after school. The store is open weekdays from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and Sundays from 1 to 3 p.m.