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Haldane grad opens Philipstown art gallery 

Max Beachak knows the Hudson Valley art world is competitive, especially during a pandemic shutdown. But he says he’s determined, with the opening of his Mohawk Valley Gallery in Philipstown on May 15, to “be a part of the art culture, and to have a place where young, talented artists can showcase their work.”

“I feel that people still want to go to a place where they can stand in front of a piece of art, take it in and feel if it’s something they want to own,” he says. “I am aiming to

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Young Folks Embracing Their Elders’ Fashion Sense

It seems that for decades people have been a little too obsessed with trying to look as “young” as possible. What do we mean by young, other than chronologically-speaking?

Oh ya know, hip, trendy, on the cutting edge, whatever. It usually goes hand in hand with dying the hair, warding off creases and wrinkles whenever possible–even if that means surgery, injections, etc. It basically is the attempt to look as “fresh” as possible. Both physically but also in the way we dress.

Granted, not all of us are so trend-oriented. Even when I was young I struggled to find enough

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The Amiri Prize Will Give $100,000 To A Young American Designer

Amiri is on the hunt for the next great American designers. The L.A.-based brand’s founder Mike Amiri has announced the first-ever Amiri Prize, which will grant the winner $100,000 and a mentorship with Amiri himself.

“As an independent designer, I have had the privilege to forge an unconventional path and find success outside of the current establishment,” Amiri said in an official statement. “The Amiri Prize is tailored to young designers who are often overlooked and to help provide opportunity, knowledge, and resources to create a foundation for success.”

To be eligible, designers must have a brand between one

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Mike Amiri Establishes a Prize for Young American Designers

Mike Amiri has built a global brand, showing at Paris Fashion Week, but his search for the next big thing in fashion is happening at home in the United States. Today, the Californian designer is announcing a new prize for nascent American talent: The Amiri Prize will award one young American designer a $100,000 prize and a yearlong mentorship with Amiri himself. Applications open today, March 17 and continue through April 18. American residents with a fashion business between one and three years old are eligible. The winner will be selected from a panel of judges including Only the Brave

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Young designers discuss up-and-coming design inspirations | Herald Community Newspapers

(BPT) – Americans spent more time at home in 2020 than any other year, inspiring people to take on new interests like baking, crafting or interior design. While some things went oh so right, like a gorgeous new kitchen, some may have fallen a little flat — literally when your sourdough starter never “started.”

Maris Park and Malyka Abramson, industrial designers from Delta Faucet Company, were both recently recognized in the National Kitchen + Bath Association’s Thirty Under 30 Program, which celebrates emerging talent in the kitchen and bath industry. Here are Park and Abramson’s tips of what to explore,

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