See Every Fashion Katy Perry Has Worn on American Idol Season 4 on ABC (2021)

From blonde to brunette and from Cinderella to a “cow” dress, viewers never know what fashion magic Katy Perry will weave when they tune in to American Idol on Sunday nights.

In previous years on Disney-themed nights, the Grammy-nominated artist has dressed as Dumbo, Snow White, and Ursula, so for season 4, when she showed up as Tinker Bell, no one blinked an eye. Especially, since Katy looked fabulous in her strapless, green, fairy dress with the prerequisite wings.

“I loved Tink in the original Peter Pan and beyond, like when Julia Roberts played her in Hook,” Perry said

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Used soup bowls and worn shorts among the joys of op-shopping

Last week, I did the environment a favour, in addition to rewarding my wardrobe and my conscience. From my local Salvos, I purchased denim cut-off shorts, a pair of ankle socks and a stack of black, ceramic soup bowls for under $25 in total.

I did spend an absurdly long time hunting through the racks and shelves to select my purchases, but that’s the joy of op shops – the hunt. I really missed it during the lockdowns.

Op shops are a treasure trove of often good quality, affordable clothing.Credit:iStock

The humble op shop, where you may find

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