How to Style a White Tank This Summer

One of the fashion industry’s favorite pastimes is reinterpreting subversive items, stamping them with a cool factor that may seem counterintuitive to those watching from afar but later catches on. May we draw your attention to low-rise jeans? Dad sandals? CROCS? Though all are worthy of examination, today’s subject is men’s undershirts. Its connotation throughout prior coverage in film and photography is not often one thought of as chic, nor is its wearer—anyone else having Sopranos flashbacks? Yet today’s juggernauts of style have embraced the menswear staple by dressing it up with elevated separates. So naturally, our entire mindset has

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Fort Benning hosts ‘Shark Tank’ style competition for changes to the base

With the Army’s Next Generation Squad Weapon Project, the days of the M4 Carbine and M249 SAW may be numbered. The prototypes from General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems Inc., Textron Systems, and Sig Sauer are vying to replace both 5.56mm weapon systems in infantry and close-combat units. All three NGSW candidates utilize a 6.8mm round, though their designs and mechanics vary greatly. While the NGSW Project is a departure from the M4/M16 family, it is certainly not the first time that the Army or military in general has attempted to find a new rifle.

The prototypes for the Army’s

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