Best Jean Shorts for Women: Most Flattering Denim Shorts for Summer

Denim shorts are a summer wardrobe staple. Julia Cherruault for Observer

While summer style trends come and go, denim shorts remain a classic warm weather staple of peak Americana fashion. Shopping for a flattering pair of jeans shorts can be daunting, to say the least, but it’s not impossible, especially when you have a little guidance to help sift through the good, the bad and the very, very ugly.

I thought I found the holy grail of denim shorts while shopping in one of my go-to stores, also known as my mother’s closet, several years ago. In my biased point

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Twitter celebrates men’s dangerously short shorts trend

They’re taking a shortcut.

As the weather is turning warm, men are embracing extra short shorts — and Twitter is loving it.

Last week, “This Is Us” actor Milo Ventimiglia made waves when he flashed his gams while leaving the gym in teeny-weeny pants. His thunder thighs grabbed everyone’s attention — and left fans wanting more.

“no thoughts just milo ventimiglia in his short shorts,” tweeted @gabbyscordo.

The hemlines of men’s shorts have been creeping up for a while now, but the style went viral last summer thanks to TikTok. Partners around the country were delighting as their fellas

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Used soup bowls and worn shorts among the joys of op-shopping

Last week, I did the environment a favour, in addition to rewarding my wardrobe and my conscience. From my local Salvos, I purchased denim cut-off shorts, a pair of ankle socks and a stack of black, ceramic soup bowls for under $25 in total.

I did spend an absurdly long time hunting through the racks and shelves to select my purchases, but that’s the joy of op shops – the hunt. I really missed it during the lockdowns.

Op shops are a treasure trove of often good quality, affordable clothing.Credit:iStock

The humble op shop, where you may find

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Amazon Canada’s best casual shorts for women are only $25 and trending

Eat This, Not That!

These States Are Experiencing a Spike in COVID Cases

Over the last month, experts have been warning that despite COVID-19 infections slowing down in most of the country as a result of vaccination, another surge could be on the horizon. This week, their predictions have started to come true. “The variants are playing a part, but it’s not completely the variants,” Dr. Anthony Fauci said on Sunday during an appearance on Face the Nation. He noted that the spike in cases was likely a result of states lifting restrictions—including indoor dining—something he dubbed “premature,” as well

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