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China’s military tracks US warship traversing Taiwan Strait

China’s military confirmed that it had tracked a US warship as it traversed the Taiwan Strait on Wednesday, a move the US described as a routine freedom of navigation exercise and Beijing denounced as destabilising to the region. It came on the same day that Taiwanese authorities said 15 Chinese military aircraft, including a dozen fighter jets, had crossed into their defence zone, and warned Beijing that the island would “defend ourselves to the very last day” if necessary. “The US move to send warship to sail through

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At Roger Vivier, It’s Always the Time for Stilettos and Satin Shoes

Those in the fashion set know firsthand the magic of Roger Vivier. To celebrate the debut of a new collection, season after season the storied stiletto-making house has put on shoe-centric extravaganzas—to call them “presentations” would be an ungenerous understatement.

For their roving Hotel Vivier, for example, the brand spared no expense in the staging of faux hotels where guests can happen upon Vivier’s latest creations. The fantastical spaces teemed with surprise—one room was carpeted floor-to-ceiling in pink faux fur; in another, actors dressed as historical figures (Jackie Kennedy, Queen Elizabeth) partook in arm-wrestling matches over dinner; and a

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Rapper Lil Nas X releasing ‘Satan Shoes’ that contain 1 drop of human blood

You might say Rapper Lil Nas X has sold his “sole” to the devil with his newly-released “Satan Shoes.”

The MSCHF x Lil Nas X “Satan Shoes” are launching Monday, March 29, and they’re trending on social media and Google, but not just for its controversial demonic imagery on the shoe’s exterior.

According to SAINT, the brand that’s selling the shoes, these Nike Air Max ’97 style shoes contain 60cc of ink and one drop of human blood. Yes, you read that right.

The MSCHF x Lil Nas X “Satan Shoes” by SAINT. (Twitter)

According to SAINT, there will

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What’s Trending? The Neutral Palette of Suede Shoes at New Republic

As we begin to “step out” into life again in the coming months, we’ll all be looking to put our best foot forward. Comfort and effortless style are the new must-haves, and no one delivers better on that than New Republic.

This on-trend casual contemporary brand will quickly become your new obsession the second you put on your first pair. From classically styled everyday sneakers to head turning suede boots, quality and comfort is at the core of each New Republic product. Helmed by CEO, Josh Kaplan, this LA-based startup appeals to the modern millennial, who are looking for

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The Style-Upgrading Power of Shoes and Accessories

Sometimes we hesitate to buy accessories with special details when we’re trying to build a cohesive wardrobe and get more wear out of our pieces. Buying shoes, belts, gloves, hats, and purses in coordinating neutral colors is a great way to make sure this goes with that—a camel-colored hat will go with your brown parka, and it can also coordinate with a future jacket you may get, such as a purple peacoat. We might tend to avoid accessories with pops of color that could get in the way of that coordination: a camel-colored hat with yellow accents would not coordinate

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