Q&A with Yvonne de Bruyn, Fashion & Style Director for Consultancies at Peclers Paris

How do you process trend forecasting?

It is like Archaeology, but instead of unravelling the past we collect pieces of a puzzle called the Future. Driven by never-ending curiosity and fine-tuned intuition, we gather every sign providing us emotion and inspiration. By careful composition, considering major shifts in consumer values, we achieve our vision. It’s an intuitive process that reflects Peclers’s collective intelligence.

What is your go-to source for trend spotting and inspiration?

We have an internal source called Fashion Living Lab. All members of the Peclers community, not just designers, come together on a regular basis to share their

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‘Paris to Hollywood’ Puts Iconic Couple’s Fashion Sense On Display At Denver Art Museum

“I discovered this huge collection that she has kept not only of several hundred dresses, but also documents and photography. All sorts of souvenirs about her mother and her father as well,” she said. 

Müller used archives at couture houses in Paris for research. About half the dresses on display are original samples from fashion shows.

“Véronique was very good friends with many couturiers like Hubert de Givenchy, André Courrèges, Yves Saint Laurent, and she was able to be dressed with these original designs,” which was not a common practice at the time, she added.

Courtesy of the Denver Art
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8 Stunning Looks Straight Off of the Paris Fashion Week Runway

In a mid-pandemic world, a normal fashion month was never really in the cards. And socially-distanced shows means far less street style snaps than in years passed.

But that doesn’t mean we’re feeling any less inspired with the debuts of the latest Fall/Winter collections. COVID safeguards can’t keep spring style at bay. From couture mainstays like Dior to relative newcomers like Victor Weinsanto, designers dazzled us with dramatic silhouettes and daring accessories. We’ll be emulating these PFW aesthetics all year long.

Here are 8 stunning strand styles straight off the runway.

1. Dramatic Accessories

Powerful prints, luxury fabrics, and unique

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Paris Fashion Week: Escapism, innovation and hints of joy

Written by Fiona Sinclair Scott, CNN

Contributors Leah Dolan, CNN

In late February last year, Paris was quietly falling into the clutches of the coronavirus pandemic as packed runway shows took place at locations around the city during Paris Fashion Week. Event attendees joked uneasily about adopting the fashion cliché of air kissing, and applied extra lashings of hand sanitizer as they compared notes about who was being allowed back into the office or had been asked too quarantine at home “as a precautionary measure.” Despite it all, the event was largely uninterrupted and most attendees went about the business

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The Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2021 Street Style Looks You Can Purchase Right This Second

For runway enthusiasts, the end of fashion month might feel similar to when the holidays are over, or the day after a birthday. But, if you think about it from a shopping perspective, the fun has just begun. Beside the fact that six months out you’ll see the runway pieces IRL, right now you can look back at all your favorite ensembles that came out of Paris Fashion Week street style, and shop the looks for yourself. And no, you don’t have to start searching through every luxury retailer out there — TZR located the must-have pieces so you don’t

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The Best Street Style from Paris Fashion Week Fall 2021

Darrel Hunter

Paris Fashion Week, by and large, has gone virtual for the fall 2021 season. Still, there are some labels presenting in-person shows (keeping in mind health guidelines, of course). This means that card-carrying members of the style set are taking to the streets dressed in looks that serve. Let them inspire you to go through your own wardrobe, dress up, and break free from the sweats.

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A look that checks all the boxes.

This look means business.

Ellie Delphine shows that blue is the warmest color.

Ellie returns, this time in sunshine

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