Meet Gabriella Karefa-Johnson, the First Black Woman to Style a Vogue Cover

So, she started thinking about other ways she could work in the industry. She wanted to become a fashion designer for a bit, “and then I realized I didn’t really have the talent to do that,” she says. Fashion journalism was also an interest, which led her to magazine internships and, by happenstance, introduced her to styling, a profession that merges everything she loves about fashion. “I’m very much a fashion historian in that I love research and seeing the way the visual evolution of the industry reflects culture and society and politics,” Karefa-Johnson says. “But then I also love

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Meet Diarra Bousso: One of Senegal’s most promising designers

Written by Helen Jennings, CNN

When Diarra Bousso was a child she dreamed of being a fashion designer, artist, mathematician and ballerina when she grew up. Today she’s achieved three out of four and added teacher to the list, too. With her Senegal-based brand Diarrablu she uses her gift for algorithms and equations to design artisan-made womenswear, including a bikini modeled by Kendall Jenner in Vogue, all the while supporting local leatherworkers, textile makers and tailors in Dakar.

Dall 2020 by Diarrablu. Credit: Diarrablu

A self-confessed “nerd” who “dreamed a lot,” Bousso acknowledges the early influence of her father, who

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Meet two thrifty Madison treasure hunters

When Allison Kelley and Saraid Claxton — better known on Instagram as @heyallie.xo and @sunsetsaraid — go thrifting, they’re on a mission. With roughly 80% of their closets composed of items they’ve found over the years across Madison’s secondhand shops, you could call them experts when they step into such a store.

“Typically, I have a route that I do,” Kelley says regarding her in-store plan of attack. She starts in the sections that will likely yield the most items, things like dresses, shoes and coats. Then she moves on to home goods and then trickier items like blouses. “When

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Meet the founders of Melody and Ralph

For Madyson Lee, 25, and Amanda Bergeron-Manzone, 33, it has always been a challenge to find clothes that fit them and their style. Hunting for clothing that was also affordable, sustainable and ethically-made was even harder.

The duo is working to change that.

Lee and Bergeron-Manzone recently founded Melody and Ralph, an online shop operating as one of the only vintage plus-size clothing stores in the Twin Cities. The two are serving as their own models, curators and marketing team.

Lee talked with the St. Paul Pioneer Press about fashion, sustainability and the power of social media.

Tell me

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Meet Peter Marziano of Newtown Square’s Hassis Men’s Shop

Photo by Tessa Marie Images

The GM of the upscale Delaware County institution shares how his fashion sense has evolved and names the style mistakes every guy should avoid.

Known for its custom suiting and upscale casual wear, Hassis Men’s Shop has been a Delaware County go-to since 1968. Peter Marziano started working there in 1979, when he was a sophomore at Villanova University. “I call myself a clothing psychologist,” he says. “Men tell me their style-related hopes and goals, and we figure out what they need. Then we make it happen.”

MEN’S MOST COMMON FASHION MISTAKES: Wearing outdated styles.

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Who is Elana Rochelle Caplan? Meet Amazon’s next CEO Andy Jassy’s fashion designer wife who loves to travel

Amazon dropped a bombshell on February 2, 2021, when it announced that founder Jeff Bezos will step down as the CEO of the company in the third quarter of this year. His place as Amazon CEO will be taken by 53-year-old Andy Jassy, who has been working with Amazon since 1997. He is presently heading Amazon Web Services and is the leader behind Amazon’s cloud computing unit. 

As Andy prepares to head one of the largest and most prestigious companies in the world, let us take a look at his family.  

CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos (Getty Images)


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