Marvel announced phase 4 movie titles in style making fans miss theaters badly: ‘See you at movies’

Image Source : MARVEL

Marvel Phase 4

Monday blues were pushed to the bay when Marvel surprised their fans by sharing a glimpse of the thrilling phase 4. The phase of the films was supposed to begin with Black Widow last year, but owing to the pandemic the film was pushed several times. Assuring fans of have a cinematic experience, Marvel Studios shared a three-minute video celebrating the love of storytelling and the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s (MCU) most memorable moments, along with a hint of what’s to come in Phase 4!  It was like a love letter to theatrical experience

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5 ‘Ugly’ ’90s Fashion Trends Making A Comeback

The biggest ‘ugly’ ‘90s fashion trends were all about grunge. Footwear and accessories were chunkier, denim was slouchier, flannels were oversized, and hair was pulled back with a scrunchie.

And while you may have thought those trends were nestled comfortably in the past, you couldn’t be more wrong. From platform sneakers to oversize plaid, the ugliest ‘90s trends are back and ready for action, but with a more tailored, sophisticated twist. These reimagined controversial ‘90s trends a nod to the retro decade and a hint toward the future. In short? It’s time to re-think those childhood ‘90s trends and try

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6 ‘Ugly’ 2000s Fashion Trends Making A Comeback

The 2000s were chock full of cringe-worthy trends that you never thought would re-surface. And like every era in fashion, they’re now enjoying another trip around the sun. Which ‘ugly’ 2000s fashion trends are back, you ask? Think trucker hats, thong sandals, and shiny pants á la Britney Spears, Beyoncé, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, and Paris Hilton.

It’s like de ja vu seeing some of the 2000s trends back in the style lexicon that fashion enthusiasts once declared were polarizing. But the modern iteration of these trends are embracing the ‘ugly’ aesthetic. Consider the sweater vests that it-girls like

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Are Phone Charms Making a Comeback?

The dangly phone charms that dominated Y2K era accessories are making a subtle comeback. Often tied to flip phones and the handheld game Tamagotchi in the prior decade, beaded and colorful phone charms evoked a sense of playfulness while retaining the vibrant aesthetic synonymous with that era.

2000s Era Cell Phone with Hello Kitty Charm 


Tamagotchi, the handheld digital game popular in the early 2000s 


Started mostly on Gen Z platforms like TikTok, today’s phone charms evoke a sense of style and nostalgia that is undeniably kitsch. Though most phone charms during the 2000s were usually shorter and

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7 hair accessories that are making a comeback in 2021

By Sacha van Niekerk Mar 16, 2021

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If you can wear it on your head, tie it in your hair or use it to clip back flyaways, then it’s probably on the list of 2021’s most stylish accessories.

Frosted lip gloss, Von Dutch handbags and so much body glitter, festival-goers of today would be in awe. The 2000s was an era in fashion defined by trends that are gradually making their way back into popularity, especially when it comes to hair.

By taking a leaf straight out of that era’s

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UI Ophthalmology Residency Program graduate goes viral for making comedy-style medical TikToks

William Flanary, a former Ophthalmology resident at the University of Iowa, has gone viral on social media platform TikTok for making comedy videos about being a doctor.

A doctor who completed his ophthalmology residency through University of Iowa Health Care has gained fame on TikTok for making comedy videos about his work in the medical field.

William Flanary, or Dr. Glaucomflecken on TikTok, has gained over 300,000 followers from making these comedy videos.

Flanary graduated from Texas Tech University with his bachelor’s degree before attending Dartmouth College for medical school, and completing residency at UI Hospitals and Clinics. He currently

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