Mother’s Day Gift Ideas – Mpls.St.Paul Magazine

Need a card? Here are four local ones:

  • Who’s mom wouldn’t be delighted by the cute illustrations of MNiCards?
  • Bench Pressed, a mom and pop letterpress and design studio in Minneapolis, has both a traditional card and one for grieving mothers, recognizing the holiday can evoke complicated emotions.
  • We love Bruno Press, a woman-owned printmaking shop based in Saint Joseph, Minn. Sometimes sassy, sometimes expressing just the right amount of affirming words, the shop offers some wonderfully fitting mom’s day cards that sum up exactly what it means to show love for the strongest
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The Magazine That Invented Street Style

One of the most influential magazines most people have never heard of existed for the blink of a hair-covered eye in the Bay Area from 1970 to 1971.

The brainchild of a pair of editorial refugees from glossy-land and a Rolling Stone photographer, Rags was the first publication to identify street style as a discrete fashion sector and call out the establishment for trying to manufacture trends. You can draw a direct line from its birth to the work of Bill Cunningham (Rags had an “On the Street” photo section eight years before “On the Street” appeared in The New

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Baseball-jersey fashion | Harvard Magazine

Inspired by this spring’s arrival of the city’s minor-league baseball team, the Worcester Art Museum has mounted a new show celebrating the sport: The Iconic Jersey: Baseball x Fashion. Opening June 12, the exhibit offers more than 35 historic and contemporary shirts, along with vintage photographs and trading cards, fabric swatches, and logo designs. On display, for instance, is “Stan the Man” Musial’s 1952 St. Louis Cardinal’s jersey, featuring the team’s bird-and-bat logo, which was hand-stitched (as all the team jerseys were) by workers at the R.J. Liebe Athletic Lettering Company through 2003. There’s the splashy 1983 Houston Astros

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Indian Artists Confront Fast Fashion in Desi Communities | Best Indian American Magazine | San Jose CA

One cotton shirt uses up to 3,000 liters of water to make. One denim jacket takes 7,500 liters. That’s enough drinking water to last one person for six years! The fashion industry is the world’s second-largest polluter. The fast fashion industry, particularly, wastes around 93 billion cubic meters of water every year, which is enough to meet the needs of around 5 million people.

Recently, seven Indian artists and graphic designers came together to create specially commissioned artworks and comic strips that underline water consumption by the fashion industry. The participating artists—Priyanka Paul, Aditi Mali, Manasi Deshpande

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Image magazine: A source for L.A. fashion, style, and art

Los Angeles is a city that exists, primarily, in images. In the popular imagination, it is presented as a collection of postcards of the obvious: sun, surf, Sunset Boulevard. The city is all of these things, to be sure. But the L.A. we know presents itself differently. Thumb through any Angeleno’s feeds, post up in their group chats, cruise with them down Crenshaw or Whittier, Fairfax or Santa Monica and the multitudes of images couldn’t be further from the filters of the national gaze. What one sees determines the type of L.A. experience one gets. The world gets off the

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