DeSoto Square Mall closing in Bradenton was ‘long anticipated’

For a mall whose opening day in 1973 was so ceremonious, the DeSoto Square Mall had a quiet death.

On Friday, its last day in business, only four stores were open, and a handful of shoppers walked the halls – honestly, not too different from any other day at the Bradenton shopping center in the 21st century. 

My colleague, Jesse Mendoza, who was there for its last day in my absence, found a lot of those same familiar sights – empty hallways, boarded-up storefronts and a handful of shoppers. There wasn’t even a formal announcement about the end of

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Our Favorite Linen Clothing to Wear All Summer Long

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When it comes to fashion, there are certain fabrics we associate with every season. Autumn never fails to make me think of corduroy and denim, winter is synonymous with cozy cashmere, and summer styling wouldn’t be complete without a dose of linen. The lightweight yet strong fabric is made from flax fibers that’s known for its loose weave, durability, and moisture-wicking qualities.

During the summer months, I’m all about staying as cool and

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The rumors are true: Your skinny jeans are out of style, Long Islanders say

I want everyone to know, the skinny jean is dead,” announced Barbara Lubel co-owner Ruby & Jenna boutiques at a staff meeting a few weeks ago. And she’s far from the only one declaring the death of a long-lived, beloved silhouette.

Gen Z is seriously (like they “can’t even”) over the style opting instead for the return of flares, bells bottoms, wide-legs, stovepipes and the once-scorned, high-waisted “mom jean.”

So says Kate Farkouh, 14, a freshman at Manhasset High School who ditched all her skinny jeans months ago. “The new trend is to make fun of skinnies.

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