These Are the 2021 Flooring Trends Home Shoppers Need to Know About

First comes moving, then comes improving…right? Maybe not.

Especially when it comes to flooring, the best time to renovate your new home could actually be before you’ve moved in. With no furniture to move or family to work around, your empty new house is a perfect candidate for beautiful new floors and no added stress.

To make sure you’re ready to hit the ground running with your flooring project, Sarah Fishburne, Director of Trend and Design for The Home Depot, shared the trends she’s seeing emerge for new homeowners. This is your time to imagine all the ways you’ll

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How Working From Home Changed Wardrobes Around the World

Have months of self-isolation, lockdown and working from home irrevocably changed what we will put on once we go out again? For a long time, the assumption was yes. Now, as restrictions ease and the opening up of offices and travel is dangled like a promise, that expectation is more like a qualified “maybe.” But not every country’s experience of the last year was the same, nor were the clothes that dominated local wardrobes. Before we can predict what’s next, we need to understand what was. Here, eight New York Times correspondents in seven different countries share dispatches from a

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How to Make Vintage Shopping Work for Your Home

Portland interior designer Max Humphrey has a special eye when it comes to thrifting. He plays around with funky vintage patterns and shapes from subway tiles to brick & mortar styles. To him, vintage shopping is all about a “thrill of the hunt” mindset.

On April 20, Humphrey—along with author Chase Reynolds Ewald and photographer (and frequent PoMo contributor) Christopher Dibble—are releasing Modern Americana (Gibbs Smith, 2021), a new design book highlighting Humphrey’s interior design projects from Bend to the Oregon Coast. Ahead of the book’s launch, we talked to Humphrey and mined his brain for design tips. When

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Home Set: Best Spring Fashion & Beauty to Shop Now

Welcome to Home Set. Below, see our favorite style, wellness, beauty and home items and accessories right now. Julia Cherruault for Observer

Welcome to Home Set, a recurring feature in which we highlight our favorite accessories and essentials within fashion, wellness, beauty and everything else at home that are brightening up our days right now. From a flirty floral skirt and shimmery cream bronzer to a luxurious cashmere sweater and the prettiest blush, here’s what we’re loving and coveting at the moment.

Michael Stars.

Michael Stars Shorty Cardigan

We’re all about a cardigan this spring, especially for slightly chilly days.

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12 Charming French-Country Home Accessories You Can Shop on Amazon

Courtesy of Amazon

There’s a distinctive elegance and relaxed appeal that comes with French-country decor. While the style has a rustic look similar to the trendy farmhouse aesthetic or even the cottagecore look, French-country style stands out for its feminine details, warm woods, and curvy furniture legs. Think of them as distant cousins—both styles embody the country look with a few key differences that make each unique.

French-country style comes together with a beautiful mix of natural, weathered pieces, muted colors, and antique charm. Because I love this particular aesthetic, I took it upon myself to find the

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These stunning home and fashion accessories are naturally dyed with plants


The Gossip Girl Reboot Is As Fashion-Forward As The Original. Here’s How To Shop The Looks

From the second that the Gossip Girl reboot became a reality, our obsession has been twofold: finding out who the Constance Billard class of 2021 will be, and, almost more urgently, what they’ll be wearing — because as much as S and B were the characters, the fashion played a star role, too. Naturally, many predicted the same for Gossip Girl 2.0. Now that filming is underway, and behind-the-scenes photos have begun springing up across social media, we can say with some certainty

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