Mother’s Day Gift Guide: The Most Stylish Accessories

The old adage If you can’t beat them …..join them, seems to be more relevant today than ever before. The codes of fashion and accessories have diverted in a slew of wonderful variations that represent a certain type of personal style- for the modern day American woman.

This isn’t one of those Mother’s Day gift guides that will make you feel guilty for not being able to make a selection. On the contrary, my intention of curating this feature is to stir-up curiosity and excitement for one of the most treasures days of the year. In short, it is an

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For effortless style, let Fran Lebowitz be your guide | Fashion

Television has been my surrogate social life for the past year, so all my style icons have been sourced via the small screen. Emily In Paris’s boss Sylvie gave excellent haughty French chic, at a time when I was watching fashion week on my laptop and pining for days ogling French Vogue editors across the catwalk. And Moira Rose from Schitt’s Creek is to the incoming roaring 20s what Daisy Buchanan was to the last time around, mark my words.

But the style icon I will be channelling in the low-key re-entry phase of real-world dressing is a woman

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Best Mother’s Day Gift Guide for Stylish Women: Luxury Gift Ideas 2021

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and we found all the stylish gifts that she’ll absolutely love. Julia Cherruault for Observer

It’s more important than ever to show the wonderful people in our lives just how much we care, and there’s really no one more special than mom. Yes, you should always honor and acknowledge the best lady you know, but give her some extra love this Mother’s Day.

We’re living in strange times, so whether you’ve been with your mom 24/7 this past year, or you’re really missing her as of late, take the time to show your

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The ultimate guide to April trends 2021

In our Trend Report column, we’re breaking down all the month’s crazes and fads that are actually worth your time. Plus, we’ll find the best and most affordable ways to incorporate them into your own life — because living in style should never feel complicated.

If there ever was a time to get creative and take risks with your style, it would be now.

According to recent guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, fully vaccinated people can gather with other fully vaccinated people indoors, without masks or distancing. Plus, those same individuals can travel freely in the

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How to wear a beanie: The stylist-approved guide

The beanie might be considered something of a style staple, but with nearly 2,000 people asking their search engines “how to wear a beanie” each month, it seems we’re in need of some styling assistance. 

One of the most practical hats around (it’ll keep you warm, fold-down neatly enough to keep in your pocket, and it won’t blow off your head in unexpected gusts of wind), the humble beanie will more than earn its keep in your closet. A piece as versatile as your best jeans, they can be used to add personality and color to your outfit, as well

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Easter 2021 gift guide: Luxury presents for him, her, children and the home | Hers | Style

Gifting extravagant chocolate eggs is all well and good come Easter Sunday but, after a year of separation from your loved ones, any excuse to treat them to something a little more permanent is a good one right now. From fine jewellery and great style finds for the adults to chic toys for kids and colourful accessories to brighten up any home, read on for our guide to the best luxury gifts for Easter 2021 – all rendered in cheerful pastel hues guaranteed to put a smile on their face.

The best Easter gifts for her

Gucci oversized sunglasses, £252,
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