Evan Mock Talks Filming ‘Gossip Girl,’ Hawaiian Style, and His New RVCA Collection

If you don’t know about Evan Mock, you’re definitely about to: The native of Oahu, Hawaii, is starring in the buzzy upcoming Gossip Girl reboot as Aki Menzies (details about his character are mum, but early photos from set depict him as a pink-haired, skater kid at a private school). In the meantime, he’s been taking the fashion world by storm by recently modeling for Calvin Klein, Gap, and Louis Vuitton. But even though he’s transitioned into the world of high fashion, Mock tells Vogue that his laid-back approach to style continues. He grew up surfing and skating in his

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The ‘Gossip Girl’ Trailer Has Fashion, Sex, and Finstas

Lady Whistledown and the Plastics’ Burn Book both menaced their respective social circles, but nothing struck fear into the hearts of well-dressed teens like blogger Gossip Girl. In the trailer for the new HBO Max sequel show Gossip Girl, based on the beloved CW show of the same name, a new generation is introduced to the anonymous busybody who knows about everyone’s skeletons — and this time, it’s taking place on Instagram. In the Upper East Side, it’s going to get very vicious on the timeline.

The trailer sets up the premise of the show: a teenage clique, ruled

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Shopping For Pop Culture’s Fashion Moments, From ‘Gossip Girl’ To ‘Almost Famous’

Pop culture, nostalgia, and fashion go hand in hand — just take a look at the recent fanfare over the 20th anniversary of Josie and the Pussycats or the beloved Y2K aesthetic of Lizzie McGuire. Sometimes, some of us just miss the days of wearing flare pants and platform sandals, and with the help of streaming platforms, plenty of Gen Zers and millennials alike have been turning to the TV shows and films they grew up watching as a source of fashion inspiration.

In a recent YouTube video for Vogue, the sister trio behind the Grammy-nominated band Haim

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Leighton Meester Was Gossip Girl’s True Style Star

Gossip Girl gave the world many gifts—Taylor Momsen’s music career, Blake Lively’s pop culture dominance, that one epic meme of Penn Badgley typing on a laptop—but the highlight of teen soap that ruled the 2000s was Leighton Meester. The actress, portraying the Upper East Side’s Queen B, Blair Waldorf, took what could have been a two-dimensional high school mean girl and made it her own. Blair’s quips, eccentrically feminine fashion, and ability to bring the drama are well remembered, but Meester, who turns 35 today, is as watchable off-screen. On the red carpet and at parties, she displays a personal

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