‘American Idol’ contestant Grace Kinstler inspires young girls, women to regain confidence in fashion choices as online trolls body shame Berklee student

When Grace Kinstler stepped out on the “American Idol” stage last Sunday, the lights were dimmed so fans could only see an outline of the singer.

“I can hear you but I won’t,” Kinstler sings as she begins her “Into The Unknown” cover for Disney night, wearing a tight blue floor length sparkly dress, reminiscent of Elsa.

Instead of discussing her voice, online trolls began body shaming the plus size singer, suggesting she needs to “dress better for her body style” or go to the gym. But those comments were drowned out by hundreds of positive responses from young girls

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Leighton Meester Was Gossip Girl’s True Style Star

Gossip Girl gave the world many gifts—Taylor Momsen’s music career, Blake Lively’s pop culture dominance, that one epic meme of Penn Badgley typing on a laptop—but the highlight of teen soap that ruled the 2000s was Leighton Meester. The actress, portraying the Upper East Side’s Queen B, Blair Waldorf, took what could have been a two-dimensional high school mean girl and made it her own. Blair’s quips, eccentrically feminine fashion, and ability to bring the drama are well remembered, but Meester, who turns 35 today, is as watchable off-screen. On the red carpet and at parties, she displays a personal

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The 24 Best Headbands to Buy Now, According to Fashion Girls

There’s no doubt that accessories can make or break an outfit. They’re like a sartorial cherry on top, instantly adding a chic finish to any look. While we’re ready to commit to this season’s It bag and sleek, low-heel sandals to complement our outfits, there’s one accessory that is dominating the fashion industry right now: the headband. A few seasons ago, Prada reintroduced headbands through bold, satin pieces, and we can’t get enough since the debut. Even our go-to style icons like Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber have been spotted in the beloved accessory, proving that fashion girls are embracing

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Sade Mims’s Accessories Line, EDAS, Is for a New Generation of Cool Girls

It’s not easy to create an It bag, and it’s even harder for a burgeoning accessories brand. But designer Sade Mims has managed to cut through the noise of a nonstop fashion cycle with her sustainable accessories line, EDAS.

a person posing for the camera: The brand known for its buttery micro bags and eclectic jewelry has caught the attention of Tessa Thompson and NYC's creative community.

© Rasaan Wyzard
The brand known for its buttery micro bags and eclectic jewelry has caught the attention of Tessa Thompson and NYC’s creative community.

The brand, which debuted in 2013, produces eclectic jewelry, avant-garde hats, and sleek leather handbags, all of which have captured the attention of NYC’s influential creative community and even parts of Hollywood (actress Tessa Thompson purchased

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