The secondhand furniture and decor that’s fetching big bucks

The price of secondhand furniture is rising on a tide of millennial adoration for clean lines, rounded edges, eco-conscious thrifting, and minimalism with a bit of spice.

Crafters and curators savvy enough to know which eras are trending can surf that wave right out of the 9 to 5 and into the bank.

Because increasingly, 30-somethings are willing to pay the big bucks for interiors.

Secondhand furniture shopping is here to stay, but the eras that are on-trend fluctuate.


Secondhand furniture shopping is here to stay, but the eras that are on-trend fluctuate.

Head of department at auctioneers Webb’s, Ben Erren, 30, identifies three major trends in decorative arts for 2021.


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Where to Buy Vintage Furniture Online

If interior design feels more relevant than ever right now, that’s because it is. And while that encompasses all updates and interiors purchases, nothing feels buzzier at the moment than vintage and antique furniture. Since the dawn of e-commerce, comfort levels with making big, luxury purchases online, from fine jewelry to Gucci, have varied widely—and investing in that 1970s Bellini chair is no different.

Anthony Barzilay Freund, editorial and fine art director at 1stDibs, is sharing his vast well of knowledge to help you navigate the Italian and Danish furniture-filled waters of shopping for vintage pieces on the Internet.

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5 Essential Bedroom Furniture And Accessories To Upgrade At Home : Style : Latin Post

Upgrading your bedroom furniture by purchasing a replacement for your old ones is one of the recommended tips that you must do when you want to make a significant change in your bedroom. Aside from these upgrades can make your room look fresh and new, they can also increase your bedroom’s value and livability. If you plan to make some furniture upgrades for your bedroom, you may consider prioritizing purchasing the following:


The primary purpose of having a mattress in your bedroom is to help you get a good-quality rest and sleep at home. Having a good and comfortable

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High Country: Forti Goods cannabis furniture helps hide your stash in style

When it comes to cannabis accessories, brands have evolved alongside legalization — maturing from the basic paraphernalia of the early aughts to today’s widely accessible aesthetically elevated pieces. But as connoisseurs collect covetable wares like designer bongs, high-tech vaporizers, 24-karat gold grinders and

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