This Week’s Picks: Everyday Fashion

Practical fashion doesn’t mean ugly. In today’s GiftRap blog, the GDA editors share their stylish picks for casual living, from brass rings to computer readers.

Anne-Marie Earl’s Pick: Boho Jewelry

Last summer, Art & Soul, my favorite gift store for jewelry, closed. They carried my absolute favorite fashion jewelry brand, Baizaar Jewelry. Thankfully, I’ve found another gift shop that carries them in my area, but at the time, I panicked and bought whatever Baizaar they had left. You can spot the style from a mile away: handmade with brass or silver and colorful stones – a very Boho and

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Rethink gift cards | Everyday Cheapskate

These days, you can buy gift cards (the modern replacement for the gift certificate) from just about every store imaginable. They are convenient, and for many people, gift cards appear to be the perfect gift solution. They’re not. I am so opposed to gift cards that I’m this close to declaring an all-out boycott. Why? Oh, please let me count the ways.

But first, let me define “gift card.” This is a card with the name of a retailer on it, such as Target, Walmart, Kohl’s or Honey Baked Ham. I am not referring to a prepaid debit or gift

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