Indian fashion designer Satya Paul dies aged 79 | Fashion

Satya Paul, the Indian fashion designer who invented the modern sari, has died at the age of 79. His son, Puneet Nanda, said in a Facebook post that the designer had suffered a stroke in early December from which he had not recovered.

Satya Paul designs at the Bridal Asia show in New Delhi, 2004. Photograph: Raveendran/AFP/Getty Images

Paul revolutionised the idea of the sari for Indian women, moving it beyond a utilitarian ethos. He used experimental touches like geometric patterns, and unexpected fabrics such as muga and tussar silks, chiffon and crepe, to revitalise the silhouette.

Paul also pioneered

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Canadian judge denies bail to fashion designer, UND alum Peter Nygard in U.S. extradition case

WINNIPEG, Manitoba, Feb. 5 (Reuters) — Canadian fashion designer Peter Nygard was denied bail on Friday in a Winnipeg, Manitoba courtroom, after spending nearly two months in jail on a U.S. extradition request.

Canadian police arrested Nygard in Winnipeg on Dec. 14 at the request of U.S. justice officials under the countries’ extradition treaty.

Nygard faces nine counts of sex trafficking and racketeering in the United States. Nygard, who appeared in court by video, has denied all the allegations.

Justice Shawn Greenberg said she was concerned Nygard, 79, could tamper with witnesses if released.

His lawyers had argued that Nygard’s

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Designer of Meghan Markle’s ‘Husband Shirt’, Misha Nonoo, on sustainable fashion and her on-demand business model

a group of people around each other: Meghan Markle (right), the Duchess of Sussex, embraces designer Misha Nonoo as the pair launch the Smart Works capsule collection on September 12, 2019 in London, England. Photo: Getty Images

Meghan Markle (right), the Duchess of Sussex, embraces designer Misha Nonoo as the pair launch the Smart Works capsule collection on September 12, 2019 in London, England. Photo: Getty Images

Misha Nonoo’s “Husband Shirt” has become beloved by influencers and editors and has starrier fans as well, such as supermodel Karlie Kloss and Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex – perhaps the most influential style icon of her generation. The piece, available in a range of colours, fabrics and stud options, has become an enduring classic and perennial favourite of Nonoo’s nine-year-old brand.

The designer, who is based between

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Who is Elana Rochelle Caplan? Meet Amazon’s next CEO Andy Jassy’s fashion designer wife who loves to travel

Amazon dropped a bombshell on February 2, 2021, when it announced that founder Jeff Bezos will step down as the CEO of the company in the third quarter of this year. His place as Amazon CEO will be taken by 53-year-old Andy Jassy, who has been working with Amazon since 1997. He is presently heading Amazon Web Services and is the leader behind Amazon’s cloud computing unit. 

As Andy prepares to head one of the largest and most prestigious companies in the world, let us take a look at his family.  

CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos (Getty Images)


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Fashion vlogger reveals the designer items that are NOT worth buying

a woman posing for a photo: MailOnline logo

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A luxury fashion vlogger has revealed the designer items that she believes should be avoided as long term investments. 

Sophie Shohet, who lives in London, often shares her opinion on high-end goods including fashion, cars and home decor with her 330,000 subscribers on YouTube.

In a series of recent videos, she advised viewers against purchasing items from luxury brands including Gucci, Bottega Veneta and Louis Vuitton, claiming they’re releasing so many bags that it’s difficult to know which ones will become classic in the future.

She also added that she believes Louis

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