Suspect uses dead man’s credit card in Brooklyn shopping spree: police

EAST NEW YORK, Brooklyn — Authorities have launched a search for the suspect accused of spending nearly $200 in Brooklyn using a dead man’s credit card. 

Joseph Moore, 57, was found dead on a Brooklyn sidewalk in the vicinity of Linden Boulevard and Linwood Street in East New York on March 9.

The next day, police were notified that a man used Moore’s credit card at Moshin Digital along Liberty Avenue to make a cellphone purchase in the amount of $108.87, according to authorities.

On March 11, authorities also discovered two purchases were made at Brooklyn Caps at Liberty Avenue

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Is fashion dead?

The scene is a motel in northwest North Dakota, 2019. A woman and her very chic, very New York adult daughter are the only female guests in a motel stuffed with oil and gas workers.

The women emerge from the elevator and run smack into two rough-looking oil guys. One of the men points to the daughter’s handbag. “Ma’am, is that a Go Yard?” he asks.

“Umm, yes, it’s a Goyard,” she says, citing Maison Goyard, the venerable French high-end design house.

“Man, how do you know what a Go Yard is?” asks the incredulous second oil guy.

“I like

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