While 2020 and 2021 have been the years of the straw bag, 2022 will
bring on the market tote bag, a hybrid between fashion statement and
practicality. Originally a large bag made of cloth and finished with
two handles, it now comes in a large array of shapes, colours and
fabrics to match any possible wardrobe staple.

The tote was initially seen as a blank canvas ideal to share a
message to the world, and brands have understood that perfectly over
the last few years. They now use it to make their logo visible to the
world and don’t hesitate to share their own ideas with it. In 2007,
Anya Hindmarch was a forerunner when she launched her “I’m not a
plastic bag” tote, which made sales of plastic bags drop from 10.6
billion to 6.1 in the UK in a little less than three years. Many
stalwarts of the industry followed suit, chief among them Louis
Vuitton and its Neverfull bag. More recently, in 2018, Maria Grazia
Chiuri launched the Dior book tote, still reinterpreted every season.
For the summer 2022 season, the tote comes in metallics, embossed
white leather and printed black and white canvas.

The next spring-summer season will go astray from romantic straw
totes and introduce bags that are sturdy, practical and unisex, but
still on-trend. They’re mixing function and style, resulting in
designs that could carry your Sunday baguette as much as your branded
leather wallet.

For its Resort 2022 collection, Salvatore Ferragamo introduced
several market totes in original canvas branded on the front, both for
men and women and featuring leather details. Egonlab presented its
“Sac de course” tote – literally meaning “Market Tote” – sporting
vegetable and fruit drawings on the front, the whole look completed
with a matching cap. Even Thom Browne accompanied its impeccably cut
tailoring with large market totes rivaling real supermarket bags.

At Nehera, the canvas totes came in oversized proportions, yet
always true to a pared-back aesthetic. Some were worn around the neck
and came in sizes covering the entire body. The pleats were still
visible, challenging a just-taken-out-of-my-bag look. Nina Ricci, on
the other hand, showed sizes ranging from extra-small to extra-large,
all coming in bright shades of orange, blue and yellow or faded sunset

Fendi’s leather version and Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini’s
transparent one are sure-fire ways to catch the eye, but low-key
versions also have their perks. American brand Apolis Global makes
canvas and leather market totes you can personalise with your own
words. Whether you opt for one with your favourite brand’s name on it
or one you customise, you’ll be ready to share your message to the
world for the spring-summer 2022 season. Afterall, that’s what the
market tote is all about.

Images (left to right): Dior Resort 2022, Nehera Resort 2022,
Nina Ricci Resort 2022, Catwalk Pictures