Photo credit: @camilafalquez - Instagram

Photo credit: @camilafalquez – Instagram

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This morning, the hashtag #SelenaGomez💃 has been trending on Twitter after the release of the singer’s first all-Spanish-language EP, Revelación.

The Mexican-American singer has performed Spanish songs in the past, like “Más” and and a cover of “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom,” but this is the first album recorded entirely in Spanish. The lone exception is the bilingual track “Selfish Love,” and fans. Are. Excited. Kind of puts our lockdown Duolingo efforts to shame…

Gomez’s Instagram account has posted a flurry of dramatic new imagery to promote the album, including a shot of her dressed exactly like the “red dress dancer” emoji (which inspired the hashtag). And some fantasy fashion imagery is just what the doctor ordered on another rainy lockdown Friday morning. (I say Gomez’ account, and not Gomez herself, because according to her latest Vogue cover interview, she’s been off the internet for three years, and her assistant posts on social media for her. Inspiring.)

Okay – let’s start with the emoji look, which you may have seen floating around already. Actually, if you look closely at the emoji on Twitter, it appears to be a custom emoji of Selena herself, holding up her long braid – not the OG dress emoji. You’ll see what I mean below. She’s wearing a strapless red gown that cascades into a flowing train, topped off with a balloon peplum-like detail around her waist. She’s worn her hair in a long braid, woven through with a matching scarlet ribbon. In this image she’s posed regally in a red set, lensed by photographer Camila Falquez. Feast your eyes:

Selenators, of course, are freaking out:

Next up, we have this blue and white wonder. Gomez is wearing a high-neck sleeveless sequin gown, complete with white opera gloves. She’s pictured in front of a creative cream tableaux:

And can we please all admire this exquisite floral headpiece? I think this is what she’d wear to a ball if she was in Bridgerton, yes?

Thank you for joining us on this Selena Gomez style tour. You can find all the ways to listen to / watch Revelación here.

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