Is Travel Style Changing As We Know It?

It’s been almost a year without live streams of celebrities carelessly sashaying down a flashy, crowded red carpet. Catwalks, too, are digital with a few exceptions. But also in this category of runways-that-have-been-put-on-hold is the airport. Travel style, once a point of fascination when it comes to celebrity fashion, has appropriately fallen by the wayside as public health has taken priority and travel itself has been limited. But there are a few brands banking that the future of travel style is not only looking bright, but also coming wrapped in antimicrobial garments.

“We are not trying to position ourselves as

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The ultimate guide to March trends 2021

In our Trends Report column, we’re breaking down all the month’s crazes and fads that are actually worth your time. Plus, we’ll find the best and most affordable ways to incorporate them into your own life — because living in style should never feel complicated.

Spring hasn’t officially kicked off just yet, but the warmer weather is already setting in. That means it’s finally time to put away all your bulky jackets and clunky boots and bring out the dresses and t-shirts.

It’s also the perfect opportunity to give your wardrobe and home a little refresh. Thankfully, there are plenty

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The Style-Upgrading Power of Shoes and Accessories

Sometimes we hesitate to buy accessories with special details when we’re trying to build a cohesive wardrobe and get more wear out of our pieces. Buying shoes, belts, gloves, hats, and purses in coordinating neutral colors is a great way to make sure this goes with that—a camel-colored hat will go with your brown parka, and it can also coordinate with a future jacket you may get, such as a purple peacoat. We might tend to avoid accessories with pops of color that could get in the way of that coordination: a camel-colored hat with yellow accents would not coordinate

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Clinton resident wins ‘We Love Nurses Award’ for lifesaving actions on highway

CLINTON – Carla LeBlanc, of Clinton, is used to saving people while working as a nurse at Saint Vincent Hospital, in Worcester.

But one act of  heroism earned her another honor – and a new wardrobe. Jacqueline Taylor, owner of Scrubs with Style, in Northboro, announced that LeBlanc is the winner of the 2021 Honor An Outstanding Nurse – “We Love Nurses Award.”

“I am proud and humbled to have not only been nominated for this award, but actually winning is unbelievable,” LeBlanc said. “It is hard to feel deserving when I am just doing what any nurse would do.

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Selena Gomez’s incredible red dress is trending on Twitter with its own emoji

Photo credit: @camilafalquez – Instagram

From Cosmopolitan

This morning, the hashtag #SelenaGomez💃 has been trending on Twitter after the release of the singer’s first all-Spanish-language EP, Revelación.

The Mexican-American singer has performed Spanish songs in the past, like “Más” and and a cover of “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom,” but this is the first album recorded entirely in Spanish. The lone exception is the bilingual track “Selfish Love,” and fans. Are. Excited. Kind of puts our lockdown Duolingo efforts to shame…

Gomez’s Instagram account has posted a flurry of dramatic new imagery to promote the album, including a shot of

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The future of female style starts in the ‘Philadelphia Fashion Incubator’

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. (WPVI) — The Wanamaker Building is known for the Macy’s department store and the largest pipe organ in the world. But tucked within its walls is a studio that’s making noise in the fashion world.

“Being able to have a concept in my head, and then to work with and design and bring that to life is just so rewarding,” said Nicole Muhammad within the red-and-white walls of the Philadelphia Fashion Incubator.

Muhammad is a clinical psychologist who moonlights as the creator of Sew Elevated. Her brand reached new heights when she partnered with the incubator.


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