Almost half of Irish people now use Zoom for work, with 85pc now shopping online and two thirds using Netflix and other streaming services.

These are the findings of a new survey from Ireland’s telecoms watchdog, Comreg.

The poll of 2,000 adults also found that a third of Irish people have blocked or unfriended someone on social media, with over half of us ‘reporting’ others to a social media company.

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The survey suggests that there may still be a significant digital divide in Ireland with nearly one in seven (14pc) saying they use a smartphone on a mobile network for education, rather than a larger computer. That figure is similar to government research on the number of households in Ireland that have no access to decent broadband.

61pc of those surveyed said that they prefer to use the basic, free ad-supported version of services such as YouTube and Spotify instead of paying to avoid those ads.

The findings suggest that physical retailers may struggle to revive previous levels of trade in a post-pandemic re-opening of shops and services.

It also confirms the gradual shift away from ad-based television programming, with long term financial challenges for RTÉ and other traditional broadcasters.

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