Host: Mother’s Day is coming up on May 9, and if you are looking for something special for Mom, lifestyle expert Amy Sewell is here with some ideas. Amy – welcome back!

Amy: Hi – it’s great to see you!

Host: I see some creative ideas there – including something that you say helps avoid “bed head.” That’s something I want to know more about!

Amy: If you are looking for something different than the traditional flowers and candy, I worked with several companies to put together some ideas.

You know how you’re always flipping your pillow over at night to try to find a cool spot? These silk pillowcases from Fishers Finery are a great solution for that, because silk has been proven to help regulate sleep temperature. So Moms who tend up to wake up hot in the middle of the night trying to get comfortable will love these. She also gets the same cooling benefits from their beautiful silk robes and other sleepwear.

Not only does silk keep you cool and comfy at night, but it helps you look your best during the day! The reason so many of us wake up with “bed head” or creases on our face because cotton pillowcases tug at your hair and skin. But since this silk fabric is so smooth and gentle, it helps avoid that problem.

Everything here is made from the highest quality 100{0c50a39dd584ba5fb4b6467726ffaa15c472727d41971bd60f72623a9464340d} pure Mulberry silk. Good Housekeeping tested Fishers Finery pillowcases, and found they outperformed competitors that are twice as expensive, so you can feel really good about giving these as gifts or picking them up for yourself. There is still time to get these in time for Mother’s Day at And – if you use the code SHOPMOM10 at checkout, you get 10{0c50a39dd584ba5fb4b6467726ffaa15c472727d41971bd60f72623a9464340d} off your order!

Host: Amy, I have some of these pillowcases – and I have to say they are super-soft and really comfortable! What else do you have?

Amy: For those rare times when Mom actually gets to take a bit of time for herself, she will love these gorgeous candles from home décor designer Joanna Buchanan. These come in scents that are inspired by her travels all over the world, such as bright mint and sandalwood or geranium and leather. But the other thing that really makes these stand out is their gorgeous packaging! As you can see, each candle includes this signature sparkle bee on the lid – and it is packaged in a beautiful box with prints that were hand-painted by Joanna. They also have other heirloom-quality pieces like these jewelry boxes that are inspired by vintage jewelry designs. The candles are $88 each, and the jewelry boxes range from $128 to $148. You can find these gifts and more at

Host: I love ideas like that give Mom a little something special for herself. But I’m looking at that ice cream – that looks like something I might want her to share with me!

Amy: Absolutely! Of course, we all love ice cream any time of year – but as the weather warms up, we start to think about it a little more. This gourmet ice cream from eCreamery is a sweet way to show Mom how much you love her. Their hand-churned ice cream comes in classic flavors – but they also use dozens of different candies, nuts, and bakery treats – like peanut butter cups or brownies – to create delicious original varieties. Their Mom’s Sweet Treat Collection includes four pints of those flavors! For the serious chocolate lover, “Mom’s Tub of Hugs” mixes Chocolate Cake Ice Cream with Brownie Bites & Fudge Swirls. The collection also includes a Vanilla Ice Cream with Toffee Crunch and a creamy strawberry ice cream. My personal favorite is the “Mint To Be My Mom” flavor, which includes Mint Cookie Crunch with Fudge Swirls.

These are amazing – but the ice cream is only the beginning. This collection also includes a dozen of these freshly-baked cookies. All of eCreamery’s ice creams are made in small batches – and then handpacked and shipped with dry ice, so they arrive in great condition and ready to enjoy. Mom’s Sweet Treat Collection is $69.99, and you can find more information at

Host: Amy, thank you so much. For more information about any of these gifts, you can go to

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