Model Amber Valletta launches collection of eco-responsible fashion accessories

Actress, model and activist Amber Valletta has released a new fashion collection focusing on a

Actress, model and activist Amber Valletta has released a new fashion collection focusing on a series of ethical and eco-responsible accessories. This is in collaboration with the Karl Lagerfeld brand.

The cactus, one of several vegan and sustainable alternatives to animal leather, is at the heart of this collection.

The alternatives to animal and synthetic leather are already numerous and increasing, and the fashion industry seems keen to progressively integrate them into future collections. After mushroom fibers, used by Hermes and Stella McCartney, cactus leather is next.

This is not the first time that this vegetable material has been used in fashion, but it’s making an appearance this week as one of two star materials of the first collection named Karl Lagerfeld x Amber Valletta.

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The fashion label has teamed up with one of its longtime muses, Valletta, known for her commitment to sustainability.

The result is a collection of eco-responsible accessories for Spring 2021, designed from sustainable and ethical materials and produced in a way that limits its environmental impact.

With this first collaboration, the Karl Lagerfeld brand continues in the line of its commitment to creating more sustainable fashion, announced in 2019 when it joined the Fashion Pact.

Comprising a dozen accessories, the collection highlights the iconic K/Kushion bag, offered in two eco-friendly materials.

They comprise a Desserto cactus leather, available in pleated or seamless versions, and GRS (Global Recycle Standard)-certified recycled cotton, both of which have been coloured with organic pigments.

Other pieces include a protective mask, card holder, and washbag.

A portion of the profits from the sale of the eco-friendly K/Kushion bag will be donated to The Ocean Cleanup non-profit organisation.

This is just the beginning of the creative encounter between Karl Lagerfeld and Valletta. A second sustainable collection, this time including ready-to-wear, is already planned for Spring 2022. – AFP Relaxnews