The new LOFTY MANNER FW21 Womenswear collection has been released. The collection is based on all the vintage vibes and colours that the Autumn season will bring you. The collection is filled with stylish items, beautiful fall colours and a variety of fabrics that fit this season perfectly. Our Fashion forward items are easy to mix and match and nice to wear for every occasion. Lightweight pieces combined with warm and sturdy items & beautiful flower prints is what you’ll find in this collection.

The theme of the Autumn collection is: ‘Love Letters Of New York’. The team is inspired on a warm Autumn day where the sun shines through her apartment on a sunny Sunday morning. She changes into a long flowy dress and put on her cowboy boots. She’s getting ready to grab a coffee from her favourite bakery down the street, and orders a freshly baked bagel to start the day. The streets are covered in green and orange leaves, giving her autumn vibes. The vintage colours of the buildings make her feel that she wants to wear every piece from the collection.

The phrase “Vintage Autumn Vibes” encapsulates this collection.

The main colours of the Autumn 1 collection are a warm burned orange colour combined with the colour mustard yellow. For Autumn 2 we’ve chosen sage green with a vintage pink colour. We’ve selected refreshing colour combinations, for a nice contrast in the collection. By using prints who reflect both colours, you can make a lot of different sets.

The LOFTY MANNER FW21 collection will be delivered in August of this year with a total of 2 deliveries.

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