Supermarkets across the UK have confirmed their rules for shopping with your children in tow.

The rules for visiting stores have changed frequently since the start of the pandemic, with many people left wondering just what they can and can’t do.

During the third lockdown, many supermarkets have placed emphasis on shopping along, leaving many parents questioning whether they can bring their little ones along to do the weekly shop.

Fortunately, most supermarkets understand that it is not always possible to shop alone, offering a solution to this dilemma.

Here’s what the main supermarkets across England say about shopping with kids, according to LincolnshireLive.


Tesco is encouraging people to shop alone if they can, unless you are a carer or have children, in which case you can “absolutely” visit with them.

The chain is also requesting all people, except those who are exempt, wear a face mask or face being turned away.

On shopping with kids and carers, Tesco says: “Children are absolutely allowed in our stores.

“In line with government guidelines, we’re asking customers to shop alone, unless you’re a carer or with children, and to only shop when you need to.”



Sainsbury’s is following a similar system to Tesco, limiting the number of people who can shop at one time.

Security guards and door staff will be questioning those who approach a store in a group.

The Sainsbury’s website says: “You must so shop on your own.

“This helps us keep people a safe distance apart and also helps to reduce queues to get into stores.

“Our store teams and security guards will be challenging groups with more than one adult to choose one adult to shop and will ask other adults to wait.

“Children are welcome if they are not able to stay at home.”



Aldi has numerous measures in place including a ‘traffic light system’ which lights up green when it is safe to enter.

This allows the store to maintain a one-in-one-out policy without the need for door staff.

Aldi says it encourages families to shop with as few members as possible, but emphasised store colleagues will be asked to use discretion when required.

On its website, Aldi says: “The safety of our customers and colleagues is paramount. Where there are too many people in our stores, colleagues are managing that accordingly.

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“In order to help with social distancing, we are encouraging all customers to try and reduce the number of family members they bring with them into our stores.

“Where necessary we are using discretion, but like all supermarkets, we’re asking people to come alone if possible to support social distancing in our stores.

“In order to help with social distancing, we are encouraging all customers to try and reduce the number of family members they bring with them into our stores. Of course, we ask that all store staff use their discretion with children and parents.”


While not set out on its website, Asda has previously said on Twitter any rumours of parents not being allowed in with their children are simply “not true”.

Therefore it is possible to bring your child(ren) in with you if it is not possible to shop alone at the time.

It does however advise that families attempt to keep their numbers as low as possible.


Morrisons is similar to Asda but has also set up numerous support lines to help those who cannot visit a store to shop.

It says: “We’re welcoming workers from Marie Curie and CLIC Sargent charity shops – whose doors may need to close due to the current coronavirus crisis – to help support elderly and vulnerable customers in our stores.

“They’ll join our store colleagues – working so very hard to feed the nation – to provide the best shopping trip we can for those customers that most need our support and to take essential items to food banks.

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“We’ve also set up a call centre that customers can phone and place an order from a list of 46 items that their local store Community Champion will deliver to them at home the next day, where they can pay by contactless payment to minimise contact.

“Additionally we have set up a website whereby you can purchase a gift card so that another person can do your grocery shopping on your behalf. To find out more information please visit our blog.”


Lidl is allowing those who either need support or those with children to visit its stores alongside others.

Its website states: “Whilst we are encouraging customers to shop on their own, where possible, if you require assistance with your shopping you may be accompanied by someone that can support you.

“This also applies to single-parent families and their children.

“If you are unable to complete your shopping whilst adhering to the social distancing measures we have in place, a member of the team will safely support you in doing so.”