Women are subject to unrealistic standards from a very young age and by the time they grew up, they are not even aware about the type of fashion they should be following. Most of the time, the lack of knowledge on this topic makes them hate their body type because there is just not enough representation. Embracing their true body must be taught from a very young age. However, if you are far beyond that point and find it difficult to find a particular fashion style that is solely made to cater to your physique, womanpower.it is your only resort! Tired of looking at people not having their own style because they cannot even access the knowledge on this, Eleonora Bernardi Zizola decided to come up with a blog that answers to all these. 

Every person has the perfect body type and they do not need to trim down or gain weight unless and until it is causing them a medical condition. Despite what the social media and magazines say, the unachievable an unrealistic beauty standards are going to put a huge amount of pressure that no woman deserves. This is the reason why womanpower.it has brought together a number of experts. These fashion designers know the facts and are not just some pretentious fashion experts who are writing for the column side of the newspaper or for magazines. Eleonora has carefully assigned them the task of encouraging the right fashion standards without fail.

Coming from a professional background, Eleonora Bernardi Zizola is an innovative woman. Her blogs are about fashion and also about her beautiful city. Venice is a beautiful city and it can do wonders two people, imagine living there! This is exactly why she likes to share her experiences from all around the majestic city. Do not miss the updates, stay up to date with the trends, follow womanpower.it.