I’m a Fashion Writer and These Are the TK Nordstrom Labor Day Sale Deals I’m Shopping

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I have never been one to take the end of summer lightly. Even after the back-to-school season ended for me, I’ve always had trouble adjusting to change, and the shift in seasons is no different than any other life event in my eyes. Yes, I’m excited for fall, but I’m also perplexed at how it is already September. I didn’t ask for that.

Unfortunately, I also don’t love pumpkin spice lattes, which means I cannot drown my sorrows about the seasonal shift with frothy cold foam. Instead I’ve decided to do so by endlessly shopping for a new fall wardrobe with the help of Nordstrom’s Labor Day sale. Sure, that isn’t necessarily economical considering a pumpkin spice latte starts at just $5.25. But Nordstrom’s major Labor Day sale does have prices starting at $2, and that’s something.

Do I just intend on spending $2? Hell no. But the deals are so good I am not necessarily worried about breaking the bank. For one, there’s a perfect Free People minidress for under $50 and a supermodel-approved pair of Adidas superstar sneakers starting at $63. There’s even a bodysuit I plan on wearing on repeat for the next three months under absolutely everything starting at just $10. $10!!!! I might as well buy one in each color, and I just might.

Because I am a fashion writer though, not only do I spend hours overanalyzing every single deal, but I also find particular joy in seeing whatever major designer deals Nordstrom has sneakily slipped into the sale. This time around there’s a Tory Burch bag that’ll remind me of summer picnic dates all year-round for under $200. There’s also a Rick Owens cotton knit top I’m determined to buy before it inevitably sells out for just $222. And while I don’t currently have an occasion for wearing the dreamiest Cecile Bahnsen babydoll dress, I’m determined to find a reason because it’s finally under $1,000.

If you, like me, are overwhelmed at the thought of thousands of deals, but also absolutely need to shop this weekend, consider these 20 deals I’ve outlined below your bible. They’re not so much a suggestion as a must. If anything, they’ll give you a great place to start, and you truly can’t go wrong with anything for this sale. The only mistake is not shopping quick enough, so click ‘add to cart’ before it’s too late. It won’t necessarily turn back the clock, but it’ll at least make fall’s inevitable arrival easier to accept.

Shop the 20 best fashion writer-approved Nordstrom anniversary deals below.

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