There’s a certain joy that comes from spending an afternoon replenishing your paper towel supply or replacing worn-out eyewear. But, before the sense of accomplishment, you have to actually complete the list, which is where many of us get bogged down. And even though online shopping already saves you time, a little more advanced planning and a virtual trip to BJ’s Wholesale Club can go a long way towards making your digital errands a breeze. We enlisted the help of bestselling-author, lifestyle expert, and mom of four Jené Luciani on how she manages to tackle her household shopping with ease (and time to spare!). Read on for six genius tips.

One-stop shops are your friend

      There’s no bigger time suck than online shopping at multiple stores, especially when you’re only grabbing a handful of items at each one. Save time (and the prolonged web browsing) by picking up everything you need at a one-stop shop like BJ’s Wholesale Club. “If your list is like mine and it includes diapers, food, and duster refills, a one-stop shop is your best bet,” says Luciani. “And, if you can buy in bulk for items you know you’ll always need, even better.”

      curbside pickup

      Save time with curbside pickup

          More stores than ever now offer curbside pickup, so make sure to see if it’s an option for your favorite shopping haunts. BJ’s makes it simple: place your order through their website or the BJ’s app, select “free pick up today,” and then… relax. Someone else does your shopping for you! BJ’s also offers designated parking spots at each club for curbside pickup, so you’re never wasting time circling the lot.

          Get savvy with subscriptions

          Do we really need to tell you that you don’t want to run out of diapers or coffee? We didn’t think so. But, to make sure that you’re never without any necessities, consider subscriptions for your most used products. BJ’s Subscription allows you to set up a recurring delivery every month and even sends you an email alert one week before it ships.

          digital coupons from bj's on mobile phone

          “Clip” those coupons

          Even if you’re not shopping inside a physical store, you can still save big using digital coupons. Bonus? There’s no chance of papercuts. BJ’s has an expansive section with all their latest coupons; using them to save on your purchase is as easy as clicking “clip.”

          Yes you can shop for groceries online

          While most of us are used to ordering non-perishables online, shopping for groceries without actually getting to see anything may seem a little daunting. But, BJ’s exclusive brand, Wellsley Farms, has a large selection of fresh and organic produce, dairy products, meat, snacks and more. Plus, their convenient, same-day delivery option means you can get your goodies in as little as two hours.

          home improvement for bj's wholesale club

          Perfect your home-improvement-pro search

          Finding contractors for renovation projects is generally quite the slog. But shopping for one remotely between your clicks-to-cart can not only save you valuable time, but actually connect you with the best person for the job. BJ’s members have access to the club’s Home Project Center, which boasts vetted contractors who can tackle anything from leaky roofs to installing a new air conditioning unit.

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