We grew up to listening to stories about goblins or tiny obnoxious people who loved tricking innocent individuals in fairytales. Now, the world of fashion has sough inspiration from these creatures and embraced goblincore, a trend that is all about embracing chaos, dirt and mud.

Social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram have been flooded with users propagating clothes and accessories inspired by Goblincore. So, all of sudden you’ll find a lot of people flaunting clothes and accessories inspired by mushrooms, snails, frogs and worms.

According to The Guardian, the trend has been inspired by European folklore and goblins, which is obvious from its name.

What’s rather interesting is the fact that the trend is encouraging people into investing second hand clothing.

Accessories using fungi and moss are big too and the trend is going viral.

The Gaurdian quoted Trend expert Sabrina Faramarzi, stating that the ‘goblincore’ has to do with “chaos, dirt and mud”.

“Goblincore is cottagecore for those that actually spend time in nature,” says Faramarzi. Members of the community “know that nature is not sunlit wheat fields but gnarly forests and chaotic animals. Often referred to as dark cottagecore, the aesthetic also picks up some of the occult,” as quoted by The Guardian.

The tag is trending and has garnered more than 502 million views on TikTok already. And that’s not all, it is also garnering attention on Pinterest, Instagram and Reddit.

According to a report, Etsy, an online marketplace has had a 652% rise in searches for Goblincore items.

What’s surprising is the fact that the trend originated a decade ago but made a comeback to people experimenting with fashion in the pandemic.

Amanda Brennan, a former trend expert at Tumblr – often cited as the birthplace of goblincore – and now senior director of trends at XX Artists told Guardian that the trend originated “sometime in the 2010s, but started picking up in spring 2019 and hit full steam in 2020 as people stumbled upon it during the pandemic”. Now, she says, “Google Trends is predicting it to be on the rise again”.

Thumb Photo: Cottage Faeries on Pinterest/Tumblr