With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, we hope you didn’t forget! Take the pressure off finding the perfect gift with one of these mom-perfect presents. Show the mom in your life the thanks she deserves. Save an extra 20{0c50a39dd584ba5fb4b6467726ffaa15c472727d41971bd60f72623a9464340d} for a limited time during this Mother’s Day sale (some exclusions apply).

Give your feet the love and attention they have been craving with this heated Shiatsu foot massager. (Miko)

Miko Yoisho Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat & Pressure Settings – $112 (Reg. $139.99) with promo code: WELOVEMOM

Is the mom in your life always on her feet? What better way to soothe the aches and pains away than with this warm and gentle foot massager. The Miko Yoisho Shiatsu Foot Massager features dedicated foot chambers with five different air pressure tailored settings. The Shiatsu kneading action targets pressure points to help better blood flow. In addition, the targeted heated footbed helps penetrate muscles to loosen tense and sore muscles. Use the foot massager while watching Netflix or even in the middle of the workday. Get the Miko Yoisho Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat & Pressure Settings for $112 (Reg. $139.99) with promo code “WELOVEMOM” for a limited time.


Listen to music, enjoy YouTube, and workout in these stylish Bluetooth earpods. (Electronic Avenue)

Ladybug Bluetooth Earpods – $28 (Reg. $89) with promo code: WELOVEMOM

Looking to help mom escape reality one song at a time? These Ladybug Bluetooth Earpods are a perfect way to enjoy tunes, Netflix, and more. Thanks to APTX error-free sound and noise cancellation, these earphones help block out distractions. These stylish earbuds designed with rose gold trim are able to hold a charge for 20 days. Also, the Ladybug Bluetooth Earpods are compatible with Siri, Google Home, and Echo. Get the Ladybug Bluetooth Earpods for just $28 (Reg. $89) with promo code: WELOVEMOM.


Let positivity shine through with these beautiful bracelets featured as Oprah’s Favorite Things. (Maya J)

Empowered Bracelet by Maya J – $22.99 (Reg. $38)

Celebrate your mom’s positive influence in your life with this unique and bold Empowered Bracelet by Maya J. Featured on Oprah’s Favorite Things, this bracelet is meant to spread love, positivity, and strength. These empowering bracelets are made from brass and yellow gold plating. It fits just about any wrist thanks to an adjustable fit extender and even easier to take off the lobster claw. Give the positive mom in your life the Empowered Bracelet by Maya J for just $22.99 (Reg. $38).


Bring the salon experience straight to your home with this compact and powerful hair dryer. (Fenne)

Fenne Hair Dryer – $40 (Reg. $199) with promo code: WELOVEMOM

Is mom always too busy? Bring the salon straight to your home with the Fenne Hair Dryer. With three speed settings, dry and style without damaging hair. In addition, the Fenne comes with two attachments, a concentrator piece perfect for blowouts and a diffuser piece to help tame curls. The extra-long power cord allows you to get ready just about anywhere. Since the Fenne is lightweight and compact, take the Fenne just about anywhere. Get the Fenne Hair Dryer for a limited time sale for $40 (Reg. $199) with Mother’s Day promo code: WELOVEMOM.


This hydroponics is a nice addition to any home. (Stephano)

Ionian Hydroponics: Water Garden – $26.36 (Reg. $40) with promo code: WELOVEMOM

Add accents of nature indoors with this modern water-absorbing planter. This unique planter doesn’t use soil, instead, it exposes plant roots so they absorb water and any additional nutrients. See how plants really grow with this year-round hydroponic water garden planter. Goodbye are the days of watering plants daily, adding fertilizer, and weeding. Get the Ionian Hydroponics on sale today for $26.36 (Reg. $40) with “WELOVEMOM” at checkout.


This cold and hot facial massager is one anti-aging beauty accessory you need. (Lift Care)

Fusion Skin Hot & Cold Dual Facial Massager – $57.99 (Reg. $89)

Keep mom glowing like the most beautiful woman in your life. The Fusion Skin Hot & Cold Dual Facial Massage is one of the easiest solutions to rejuvenate your skin. It uses a sonic vibration of 8,200 times per minute to help with blood circulation and stimulate skin cells. The facial massager features two temperature settings. With the cold massage, detoxify, shrink pores, and stimulate collagen production to reduce wrinkles. The hot massage, in contrast, helps to deep clean and repair damaged skin by opening pores. Lastly, the red and blue light therapies respectively aim to create better circulation and kill bacteria from within the skin. Add more life to your skin today with the Fusion Skin Hot & Cold Dual Facial Massager for $57.99 (Reg. $89).


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