What was the first room you wanted to see when touring potential homes? Our money is on the kitchen. As clichéd as it sounds, the kitchen is truly the heart of the home—and a common starting point for renovators. So if you weren’t immediately swept off your feet, don’t worry: You can change the whole look with a few simple swaps. Where to begin? New flooring will make a big impact while setting the direction for the design choices to come.

Thinking about your kitchen flooring as a blank slate is exciting. Of course, if you’re feeling a bit intimidated by the thought of replacing flooring, that’s natural, too. Thankfully, that’s where The Home Depot comes in: With services to take you from the initial point of inspiration all the way through the installation, The Home Depot can put your kitchen flooring project on solid ground.

With The Home Depot covering the “how,” all that’s left for you to decide is what flooring to choose for your kitchen transformation. Especially in this space, durability should be a top factor. And with kitchen flooring materials available today, function doesn’t have to come at the expense of style. From wood-look, luxury-vinyl planks that hold up against water to creative tile designs that can elevate the whole space, the opportunities to add your personal touch are nearly endless.

Here’s a look at some emerging trends for kitchen flooring:

Marble has a way of providing a touch of sophistication and elegance—and you won’t see it limited only to countertops in the coming year. With the look of marble and the highly superior durability of porcelain tile, it’s easy to see why this will be a popular choice for kitchen flooring.

Sarah Fishburne, Director of Trend & Design for The Home Depot, explains, “This trend is evolving to include more dramatic aesthetics, like pronounced veining, warmer color tones, and heavy graphic patterns as they are used more throughout the home.”

If this trend sounds right up your alley, here’s a tip: For most tile projects, it’s recommended to buy 10{0c50a39dd584ba5fb4b6467726ffaa15c472727d41971bd60f72623a9464340d} more tile than needed. But if math isn’t your strong suit, an online project calculator can crunch the numbers for you. Prefer to go completely hands-free? With The Home Depot’s licensed flooring installers, starting this project is as simple as scheduling a time to get an in-home measurement.

Hardwood flooring is always in style, but it isn’t waterproof. That’s where wood-look vinyl planks come in. With the look of classic hardwood flooring and the added benefit of being waterproof, vinyl planks are winning over many kitchen renovators. Ready to hold up to the strain of spilled drinks during your first post-pandemic dinner party, this flooring gets top marks for durability.

If you’re still digging out from underneath moving boxes but are eager to get started on your kitchen flooring project, you can get rolling with The Home Depot’s app: Snap a picture of the flooring style you’re looking for, use the app’s Image Search feature to find it for you in store and schedule a delivery straight to your doorstep all from the comfort of your new home.

Want to make a statement with your kitchen flooring? Decorative vinyl sheets deserve a look, not only for the ample selection of styles but also because this material is incredibly well-suited to kitchens. Easy to clean, this waterproof, scratch-resistant flooring is a great match for the scratching paws of a dog that joined your family during quarantine. Vinyl sheets are a warmer, softer flooring known for feeling great underfoot (while still being durable enough for a busy family with children). At an attractive price point, vinyl sheets are a great way to transform a large kitchen space on a budget.

You can feel empowered to stretch your budget even further with all the tools and resources you need to DIY your vinyl sheet flooring project through The Home Depot. If your down payment took a bite out of your bank account, you don’t need to invest in a whole new set of tools: With all the tool rentals you need under one roof, The Home Depot can be a one-stop shop for a flooring makeover.

Tile has been a go-to kitchen flooring material for years because it’s easy to clean, durable and looks great. But it doesn’t have to give you throwback vibes to the kitchen of your childhood: By installing tiles in creative patterns like herringbone or chevron, your updated kitchen can feel truly fresh. And because we’ve all become more attuned to how important it is to keep surfaces sanitized since 2020, you’ll be happy to know that some ceramic and porcelain tiles are antibacterial and antimicrobial.

Custom tile patterns can take a bit more know-how, which is exactly what The Home Depot’s licensed flooring professionals offer. With hundreds of tile options and even more pattern ideas, the design possibilities are as unlimited as your imagination—and the best place to get started is The Home Depot.