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On one hand, rustic painted wood looks at home in farmhouse decor. But on the other hand, painted wood furniture is also a feature of farmhouse style. So try to balance the two. If you have any wooden furniture that has an unfashionably dark stain or that you just don’t like the look of as it is now, consider painting it. Chalk paint, such as The Spruce Best Home Chalky Finish Paint, is excellent to get started with if you’ve never painted furniture before.

You can paint it over anything without prepping the wood, and brushstrokes don’t show, so you don’t need to have a good technique.

If you have wooden kitchen cabinets and you’re looking to revamp them, try painting them in a suitable shade, such as French gray, country blue or antique green. Those who prefer their farmhouse style on the rustic side can also try distressing painted furniture by taking sandpaper to some of the corners and edges and rubbing the paint away until the wood beneath shows through.

Painting your own furniture isn’t for you? Buy it already painted or distressed, such as the Southern Enterprises Jacinto Distressed Farmhouse Coffee Table, which has an attractive distressed white finish.