TikTok superstar Addison Rae just dropped a surprise music video this morning for her debut single “Obsession,” and Twitter is losing it. This marks the dancer and viral video creator’s first big public step towards a singing career.

She’s been trending on Twitter all morning, with everyone freaking out about the surprise video drop. It kind of feels like we’re introduced to some of her alter-egos, too – the video is a pretty big style departure from her usual pretty girl next door persona.

We see her don four very different looks throughout the video, masterminded by stylist Kyle Luu, and they’re almost like different versions of herself, or characters.

First, Rae appears on-screen in a black catsuit-like look. We see a figure-hugging bodysuit and leggings, and later, we get a closeup of her 60s graphic eyeliner and big diamante hoops accompanying the look.

Addison RaeYouTube

addison rae obsession music video outfits

Addison RaeYouTube

I’m going to need a tutorial for that eyeliner look stat, please. Later, Rae and her dancers pull out some white Dickies trousers with matching corset crop tops, complete with chunky chain jewellery.

addison rae obsession music video outfits

Addison RaeYouTube

Perhaps the most surprising look is when she appears in a shaggy, electric red wig, paired with a blue croc-effect bikini top and skirt combo. The diamante trim matches her huge sparkling doorknocker earrings, and her feathered jacket is the same pillarbox shade as her hair. (Is anyone else getting slight Britney-as-an-air-hostess-vibes with the blue?)

addison rae obsession music video outfits

Addison RaeYouTube

Then the pendulum swings back again, and she’s wearing a soft boudoir-inspired look, complete with a jewelled necklace and a fluffy white coat.

addison rae obsession music video outfits

Addison RaeYouTube

Here’s what some people are Tweeting about all the excitement:

it was rly good Addison really gives me Selena vibes, this is just the starting so excited to see what more you have in stored for us !!!

We love it queen you did amazing


Actually the song is quite decent, shout out to your producer

Addison Rae is making music now?

Young goddess of the hour; Addison Rae


You can watch her first music video here:

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