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The platform sandals are reminiscent of the style everybody wore in the ’90s and early ’00s (though you may be in denial that you owned a pair). Just like Birkenstocks, the clunky shoes aren’t everybody’s cup of tea — but despite all odds, they’re actually trending on Amazon as one of the most-loved styles this week. Due to tons of Y2K styles making a comeback over the last year and even celebs like Olivia Rodrigo wearing sky-high platforms, it’s not so surprising that shoppers are adding the Crocs wedge to their carts — according to one reviewer, they’re even “selling out everywhere.”

It seems like there’s some truth to that statement; while the shoes are still available on Amazon, select sizes in almost every color are either low in stock or sold out, and very few options are left at DSW and Crocs.com.

Customers are genuinely enamored by the Crocs wedges and claim they’re both the “most comfortable shoes” they’ve ever owned and “extremely cute.” One shopper who said they had never worn Crocs before called them the “best decision ever.”

“Even with arthritis and Plantars Fasciitis, I was able to wear these while flying, walking through huge airports, and on vacation averaging 12,000 steps per day,” they wrote. “I can barely walk 7,000 normally. I am delighted! Buy them.”

If they’re out of stock by the time you decide you need them in your life (I’ll admit, I’ve been swayed), there’s good news: The Crocs wedge comes in a few other styles on Amazon, including options with straps and a low-wedge heel. Check them out below, or add the trending pair to your cart before they’re gone for good.